22 People Who Decided to Stop Giving a Darn at Work, and the Results Were Too Awful

10 months ago

Sometimes we have to work so hard that a switch inside our heads turns off and we stop realizing what we’re actually doing. We just do our job automatically without thinking about what kind of consequences it might have.

1. “My sister was just served this at a local Mexican restaurant.”

2. This cabinet is on display in a home improvement store.

3. “A soccer field I spotted while flying my drone around”

4. “Installed the ventilation shaft, boss.”

5. Got the mannequin dressed.

6. “Translated the menu, boss.”

7. After renovating the band room, the people who painted the shelves just painted over the gum.

8. “Waterproofed the wires, boss.”

9. “I put up the stall doors, boss.”

10. Pothole repair in a small town

11. “Parking lines are all repainted!”

12. Inclusive design at its best

13. “A staircase at my university”

14. We wonder why they placed this sign in this exact place?

15. “At least my fingertips are clean now.”

16. “Hey boss, we are almost out of drywall, what should we do?”

17. “The sink in the men’s bathroom at work suspiciously seems like it’s been repurposed.”

18. The fire exit on this building

19. “I’m going to the... What the heck?”

20. — Which number is it?

- Which would you prefer?

21. Houdini’s bathroom

22. “Take the stairs, boss!”

Have you encountered these masterpieces yourself? Tell us, or better show them to us in the comments below.

Please note: This article was updated in January 2023 to correct source material and factual inaccuracies.
Preview photo credit Kahne_Fan / reddit


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