16 People That Could’ve Done Their Job Well, but It Just Wasn’t Their Lucky Day

2 years ago

There’s no one on this planet that doesn’t make mistakes. And when you don’t try very hard, it’s okay that something doesn’t work out. But it’s much worse when you want to do a good job but it goes wrong anyway. However, in both situations, there’s a simple way to benefit from things: take a photo of the result and have a good laugh at it along with people on the Internet.

We at Bright Side are convinced that it’s much nicer to learn from other people’s mistakes rather than your own. So we were really interested to see the failures of other people and come to our conclusions. And at the end of the article, there’s a cool bonus for you, proving that it’s not always easy to appreciate a piece of art.

“I’ve accidentally shrunk my husband’s jacket. Husband for scale...”

“I secretly wanted it for myself. Now the only family member that can fit in it is our cat, and he doesn’t like formal wear.”

“I’ll see this bear in my nightmares!”

“Do you need to be able to fly to get there?”

“My mom wanted broccoli on her pizza. And this is what she got for $13.”

How do you like these tiles?

“I got an AC, and the electricians said they’d install it themselves. This is what I saw later!”

This roof is great when it’s rainy or sunny!

“Can’t close the bathroom door in the hotel room. I just stayed in, it hits the toilet...”

“I never noticed these light bulbs before...”

“One of my forks came uncut.”

Such nice lighting at a railway station, good enough...

Whoever designed this restroom doesn’t know a lot about women.

“New stairs in my school”

“Who needs a door if you can just use the windows?”

“Yeah boss, I got rid of the useless switch. Just like you asked.”

“Delivered the package, boss.”

Bonus: “I’m sure there’s a reason why this beast is chained.”

Have you ever seen examples of people doing a really bad job with something?

Preview photo credit Mememaymaymimi / Imgur


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