25 Brothers and Sisters Who Won’t Leave Each Other Alone

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4 years ago

People who grew up with a brother or a sister are very familiar with questions like “Did you go in my room?” and “Where did you put the remote?” because sharing a life, a house, and sometimes even a room with someone is never a completely “trouble-free” undertaking. Only the people who share the same genes can make us so angry and laugh so hard at the same time.

Bright Side has collected 25 proofs that brothers and sisters can hate each other and love each other at the same time.

“We always get each other ironic gifts. My little sister killed it this year — batteries not included.”

“What my brother does with my phone.”

Classic self-defense technique if you are not the only child in the family.

“My little brother thought someone was going to eat his chips so he took them into the bathroom to finish them.”

“I asked my brother to find a dress in my room for me...”

“I just screamed ‘I hate myself’ and 2 minutes later, I hear my little brother sliding this note under my door.”

When your sibling is making you mad but you’re in the car with your parents:

There were 2 sisters: the pretty one and the other one.

When you and your sibling both call shotgun:

“My mom and I left our clip-on extensions out. And my brothers found them.”

“Every time my sister leaves the house...”

So, this is who steals the clothes...

“When you’re so sad you’re not going to be the only child anymore.”

“My little brother put a princess lock on my charger, gave me a broken bobby pin, and told me, ‘You just got pranked!’ OMG.”

“My sister just put this up on her bedroom door.”

“My 11-year-old sister knit me a single Christmas sock. ‘You’ll get the other one on your birthday,’ she told me as she handed me the sock, ‘I got tired and didn’t want to make it.’”

“My brother and I graduated from the same school with the same degree and my mom decided to frame our diplomas. I was never the favorite son.”

“Sometimes, I really hate my brother.”

The mission of the older sibling is to find stupid things for the younger ones to do.


“My little brother got me a cut-out of Tina from Bobs Burgers for my birthday and we’ve been hiding her around to see who we can scare the most.”

“Someone ate my sister’s leftovers...she’s been like this for 2 hours.”

Maybe she’s just a good actress?

“My mom wanted a selfie of her sons at our sister’s wedding.”

Younger brothers can be really mean...

Have you ever had similar situations with your siblings? Share your stories with us in the comment section below!

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