27 Sisters and Brothers Who Will Probably Never Find Common Ground

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4 years ago

People believe that love and hate go hand in hand. So when it comes to relationships between brothers and sisters, this transition happens 10 times a day. Especially when they are fighting over the TV remote or the last chocolate bar. There are usually no winners, but everyone has a lot of fun.

Bright Side has collected 27 very inventive and slightly harsh pranks which only the closest people can come up with.

"After my heart surgery, I jokingly said to my little sister that I could use an Apple Watch because of its heart rate monitor. She delivered."

"My little brother just handed me this note and told me there was a special message written in invisible ink."

When your sister falls asleep in your room:

"My girlfriend is moving and she left her sister alone and then this happened."

Middle child syndrome develops early.

"My sister loves her new gift. You can really see it in her face."

"I replaced my little sister's graduation photo with a photo of the Supreme Leader 3 weeks ago. Dad still hasn’t noticed."

When you're the only single sibling:

"My sister is THE BIGGEST savage I know and she's only 8."

My girlfriend's brother was very honest today.

"My sister really made me a bow tie...OUT OF MY OWN HAIR. It's time to move out"

The 1-m-wide Grudge Building in Manara is Beirut's thinnest building. The owner built it to block the sea view from his brother's property.

Two completely different kinds of childhood:

The Brother of the Year award goes to:

"My sister and I had an argument and she chopped the bristles off of my toothbrush. Why???"

"My fiancé and I wrapped all of the contents of his sister's fridge."

"My nephew taped his little brother to my niece's skateboard..."

Looks like dogs are jerks to their siblings, as well.

"I asked my brother to take care of my puppy while I was away. I returned to this image as my wallpaper."

The moments older brothers live for:

"My girlfriend's brother got a new suitcase for Christmas."

Fighting over the front seat:

What it's like growing up with siblings:

"My brother did this to my room while I was away."

"My friend recently bought her first house. This was the housewarming present that she received from her sister."

Never leave your little brothers in charge of opening your packages.

"My little sister wants to be a manicurist or something like that and she asked if she could practice on me..."

Anyway, even though there are a lot of battles, pranks, and jokes between brothers and sisters, they are still the closest and the most loyal friends.

Do you have any exmaples of epic family pranks? Share you ideas and memories in the comment section below!

Preview photo credit EMeysenburg/twitter


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