15 Pics That Prove Lazy Is a 4-Legged Word

2 years ago

Being completely relaxed is a goal for most of us, but for some animals, it’s a way of life. From a kitty who sleeps all day with its butt facing the air-conditioner to a dog that uses its bone for resting its face on and not chewing, nothing can disturb these pets’ peaceful spirits.

Bright Side tracked down some “chill” pets who are always on a never-ending vacation.

1. “She was too lazy to move while Dad was mowing the lawn.”

2. “Rottie likes to sleep like this.”

3. “It visits my balcony every day and just lays on the railing like this.”

4. “He got too tired from chewing his bone, so he rested his face on it.”

5. “This is where he sits all day, barking at squirrels from his water trough.”

6. “My parent’s cat being an absolute loaf”

7. “I think the picture says it all.”

8. “He was mad we didn’t bring his dog bed to the hotel.”

9. “It’s his favorite sitting position.”

10. “My arm fell asleep because I didn’t want to disturb his derpy dreams.”

11. “It’s freezing cold and she just wants to sit outside like this.”

12. “We bought our new boy home yesterday. I’d say he’s making himself quite comfortable.”

13. “Thought my melting dog deserved to be seen.”

14. “When you’ve partied too hard and it catches up with you”

15. “Just bought an AC. He sleeps all day with his butt facing it.”

To which of these relaxed animals do you relate to the most? Do you have your own lazy pet? We’ll be looking through the comments to check out your best stories and pics, so don’t be shy!

Preview photo credit pi3rcetheveil / Reddit


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