20 Pets Who Forgot Who They Were

2 years ago

Sometimes the sheer weirdness of our pets can be as impressive as how photogenic they are. You could go outside in your yard and see your dog in a plant pot, catching some sun, or your kittens posted up on the door like tiny geckos. Whatever weirdness you might find, it can absolutely make your day.

Bright Side loves animals who act strangely and feel like we must share them with you. And hopefully, they’ll put a big smile on your face.

1. “He thinks he’s a plant.”

2. “Marty was raised by cats. Can you tell?”

3. “And then he realized he’s not a cat.”

4. “I wanted a cat, but I got whatever this is instead.”

5. “He grew up with 2 cats.”

6. “He’s lying on his back on top of the cabinets with his eyes wide open, just staring at the ceiling.”

7. “Mako is a copycat!”

8. Not sure if this dog is welcome in the cats’ home...

9. “Kitty doesn’t seem happy at all.”

10. “If I fits, I sits.”

11. “A lot of people didn’t know dogs could loaf.”

12. “I took this picture of my boyfriend and my cat today, and we haven’t stopped laughing since.”

13. My dog’s attempt at sitting like a human:

14. “When a pupper is raised by cats”

15. Geckos are invading the house!

Have you ever taken pictures of your pets that made you question what they really were? We absolutely need to see them all!

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year ago
The comment was deleted by a neighbor's dog.

Our animals get into a lot of these situations and poses regularly and Many more. Usually they're more entertaining than the TV...lol


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