18 Girls Who Don’t Want to Waste Their Life on Wearing Boring Hairstyles

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3 years ago

Many of us have a favorite hairstyle that we continue to get every time we visit the hairstylist. You might agree that changing one’s style drastically and expressing oneself is not an easy task, and not all of us dare to go for it. But some ladies are capable of everything — they can easily go bald, dye their hair in the style of their favorite movie character, or shave a daring picture on the back of their head.

We at Bright Side are not sure that we would agree to repeat most of these hairstyles, but we know that each of them deserves special attention.

“Dyed my hair the same colors as my cat. Spot the difference!”

“Dyed the top of my hair black and the underneath orange, my mom braided it, and this was the outcome!!”

“Got myself a cyberpunk style hair cut, coloring by me. Here is how it looks from different angles.”

“Shaved my head so my daughter knows that hair doesn’t define beauty.”

“I’m so proud of myself for pulling off this split dye!”

“I did my old high school teacher’s hair yesterday!”

“I loved the outcome.”

There is no limit to creativity.

“I decided that you only live once and I didn’t want to regret not trying new things. Here is how my hair looks now.”

“I’ve had this hairstyle for like 3 years now I think. I’ve been told by everyone that it suits me and get tons of compliments on it.”

“Stripped from black and dyed pink! Cut, color, and styling were done by me on my mom’s hair! She is happy!”

“I just dyed my hair in strawberry colors! Just wanted to share that...”

“Feeling like a cotton candy princess from Adventure Time

“I did it myself. I’m so happy with it.”

“I love this hairstyle on my short hair.”

“I get ’Cruella de Vil’ frequently. Hopefully it’s because of my hair decisions.”

“A small transition. Been really down lately. Have had so much on my mind and my kids are about to be in school. It’s nice to do something for myself.”

“I shaved my head today and actually never felt more feminine!”

Have you ever decided to go for an unexpected hairstyle?

Preview photo credit g**hatesbeth / Reddit


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The third one would be perfect if the Lines would be cut exactly.


"I cut off one of my ears so my children learned that ears have nothing to do with beauty."


I wish more girls would dare to wear something like this. The ladies look gorgeous though!


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