20 People Who Have a Knack for Home Transformations

10 months ago

We all know how good it feels to be in a perfectly clean home. A tidy place can even help you cope with stress. Indeed, clutter not only makes our apartment uncomfortable, but also irritates our nerves. We decided to have a look at how some people managed to transform their homes into a nice living space, and found a few cool ideas.

“I crochet jute droplet baskets for organizing storage in the kitchen-bathroom-pantry.”

“I reorganized my desk drawer.”

“I revamped my spice/tea drawer! It’s really inspiring to have all the options laying flat so I can see what I can work with.”

“When I get a new bar of soap I’ll ‘weld’ the leftover small pieces with soap lather to the new one.”

“We moved to a new house and my wife organized the tupperware drawer.”

“This is what my bedsheets from Target came packaged in. Now I have a matching organization basket in my closet.”

“Simple man — simple clothes”

“I’d go in there and just stand for a while.”

“A bit of my color coding organization”

“Toddler cleaning station”

“Not pretty, but very practical”

“It’s so satisfying how this person found the perfect diameters for the shelf width!”

Junk drawer

“I had to get spices under control!”

“Organized tea corner”

“Pantry of Shame: now less shameful”

“This is how my boyfriend dealt with all the cords. I wish I had the patience for this stuff. I just get mad and rip it all out the walls.”

“I made a wall rack to store/display my kid’s monster trucks. I used curtain rods and checkered flag duct tape.”

“My place has a very small kitchen, so I had to get creative.”

“No more CLANG, CLANG, CLANG with my pots and pans!”

We feel good from such perfect photos. If you are also a perfectionist, you can look at the results of the work of a few other cool people.

Preview photo credit imasassypanda / Reddit


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