18 People Who Are Sure That Renovations Don’t Always Equate to Pain and Suffering

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Even though many people say that renovations are worse than a fire, it’s not far from the truth. Usually, when people hear “renovation,” they think about dust, things in boxes that are impossible to find when they are needed, and, of course, arguments among all who are participating in the process. But sometimes, in order to breathe new life into your place, you just need a couple of details to transform your house or apartment in a matter of days.

“A cheap kitchen update with some neon tape”

“From the moment I saw this odd, off-center hallway in my 1880s bungalow, I knew it was meant to become a library.”

“The neon says it all, my pink kitchen.”

“My cozy, tiny sauna I just added to the house”

“How I separated my bed in my one-room apartment”

Ready for winter!

“’How difficult is it to remove this medicine cabinet, what do I do with the hole after, and what should I use in its place?’ says me, a 72-year-old lady.”

Done! All thanks to my son-in-law.”

From wooden paneling to a deep blue color

“I painted it a light pink/orange and added some decor.”

“I just wanted to show you the mural that I painted on our staircase.”

“A little weekend project”

“Hung a shelf in the bathroom.”

“Got a Persian rug!”

“Re-did my mom’s ’60s laundry room. It was tough to fit everything in such a small space, but I’m happy with the result.”

“I painted the cabinets and the walls.”

“Some custom shelves I built for my cats to play on — fun and functional decoration!”

“Adding built-ins to our big bare living room made a HUGE difference.”

“Before and after I moved in my husband’s apartment”

Do you have any tips on how to turn an ordinary interior design into something beautiful and elegant? Maybe you’ve done a renovation yourself and have secrets to share with other curious minds.

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