17 People Share Moments From Their Past That Are Worth Seeing

2 years ago

Nostalgia is good for our health, and it may even help with pain management, according to researchers. In one study, they found that people who looked at photos that triggered childhood memories felt less pain than those who looked at modern pictures. So the next time we experience headache or body aches, we know what to do — dust off those photo albums hiding on our shelves, sit back, relax, and relive the good old times.

To start off your trip down memory lane, Bright Side collected 17 funny vintage photos shared by people online, and maybe they’ll remind you of your own younger years too.

1. “In fifth grade, I was worried I would blink and mess up my yearbook photo.”

2. “Yeah...so I had a wild imagination as a kid.”

3. “I vouched for this look in my second-grade photo.”

4. “The year was 1978 — my little brother, me, and a whole lot of polyester. Mom meant well.”

5. “It was 2004, I was 14 years old, and I used Microsoft Paint to jazz up my selfies.”

6. “A photo of my brother and me on our grandma’s favorite mug back in 1998”

7. “Here I am with my Elijah Wood wall, circa 2004.”

8. “In 1989 I made myself a ’Fartbusters’ uniform and sang in the streets: ’If something smells strange in your neighborhood...’”

“And I sprayed people with the bottle of cheap perfume in the attached shoebox.”

9. “Planking — need I say more?”

10. “My cousin’s preschool photo”

11. “The year was 2006. I really thought I did something cool here.”

12. “My sister’s ’I’m a filmmaker’ portrait”

13. “Family trip to the CN Tower, circa 2001 — I was ’too cool’ to play along.”

14. “1995 — I’m the one on the left. Someone should have been fined for letting me walk around with that hair.”

15. “My friends and I took turns recording ’music videos.’ This is me ready to go for my rendition of ’Helena’ by My Chemical Romance.”

16. “10-year-old me idolized Avril Lavigne.”

17. “I met ’The Beatles,’ my favorite band, at age 11 at Disney World, circa 2004.”

Do you have old pictures that never fail to make you laugh whenever you look at them? Please share them with us, we’ll be waiting for them in our comment section.


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