20+ People That Can Make Us Scream, “Why Would You Do That?!”

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Scrolling through random pictures on the Internet can be surprising in many ways. While there are plenty of pleasant images that can make us smile, there are also pics that can make the neurons in our brains go bananas. Below, we compiled a list of people who witnessed irritating sights that irked them just enough for them to want to share their pain online.

1. “I will pass on the lunch meat. Thanks anyway.”

2. “These jean pants are upside down.”

3. “This lady put her whole foot on my mom’s seat.”

I hope all the people who post photos like this solve the problem right after that. You can't accept this kind of behaviour.


4. “Sir, why?”

5. “It’s fine, I didn’t want to watch anyway.”

6. “Third straw down and still not finished with my smoothie...”

7. “This guy wasn’t about to let 13 inches of snow or laziness stop him from getting to work on time.”

8. “The way my 15-year-old son eats wings”

9. “This is how the baggage handlers returned my luggage to me.”

10. “The ’chork,’ a bad fork and terrible chopsticks”

11. “Whoever invented these teeny tiny tabs on seals, you are not my friend.”

12. “The way my wife ’replaces’ the toilet paper”

Divorce your wife immediately, that's not how you replace toilet paper, you married a monster bro


13. “Brand new, it was 50% off. I didn’t realize it would be so literal.”

14. “The way my brother decided to have a bite of pie”

15. “I have to look at this every time I go shopping.”

16. “This is how our delivery pizza came sliced.”

I see nothing wrong here. This is how you slice pizza for a large group of people.


17. “I only asked for a drizzle of BBQ and mayo.”

18. “My wife came across this at a thrift shop.”

19. “A tufted style bench but made of concrete”

20. “The bike handlebar door knob on this apartment building”

21. “My boyfriend’s snow pants have a tape measure printed on them.”

22. “Urinals with a soft headrest”

Which one of these situations grinds your gears the most? If you’ve ever taken a seriously angering picture, we’d love for you to share it in the comments below.

Preview photo credit alien_eye / Reddit


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Just Why??? Have you gathered a Huge amount of the type of person l usually encounter each time l leave home?? Now you know why l'm at home as often as possible!! lol. Truth!


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