20 Furry Accidents That Made People Run and Grab a Camera

3 years ago

As adorable as pets can be, they always get themselves into trouble or some kind of mess. Whether your kitten jumped in your bowl of pasta or your dog got stuck on a swing, they never fail to make us laugh with their goofiness. Moreover, some lucky people managed to capture these situations and kindly share them for the whole world to see, and we appreciate that!

Bright Side has found 20 of these situations to show you and we hope they will entertain you as much as they did us!

1. I accidentally spilled my cat’s food.

2. “Yeah, I totally meant to do that!”

3. “Looks like he hit the chocolate fountain.”

4. “Every time he gets caught doing something wrong, he makes this face, then looks at me like, “Dude, help me out here.”

5. Don’t you just hate it when your bowl gets stuck on your collar?!

6. “His ears disappear when he knows he’s busted.”

7. “That time my dog somehow managed to get a branch stuck in his collar and under his body”

8. “Went to check on the minis and found this derp, stuck.”

9. “Am I using the swing right?”

10. This jump was clearly miscalculated.

11. “Gets cone taken off, immediately finds cone and gets head stuck in cone backward...”

12. That face that is filled with regret says it all.

13. “Don’t just stare at me, help me take it off, human!”

14. “Mom just sent me this. I think he’s stuck.”

15. It’s the puss in a boot!

16. “I regret nothing!”

17. Mistakes were made, regrets have been had.

18. “She took a nap like this.”

19. “Human, can you provide me with another rock to step on?”

20. The look on this kitten’s face screams “worth it.”

Have you found your pet in a similar situation? And more importantly, have you taken a picture of it? Because we absolutely need some more fluffy silliness in our lives!


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