20 Animals Who Can Hardly Imagine How Comical They Are

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Animals, like human beings, have their own character and habits. Some of them can even be actors in a comedy show. Your pet may even get offended, like a child, if you don’t scratch them behind the ear or if you give them the wrong food.

We at Bright Side are always on the lookout for comical episodes that happen to animals and we want to share 20 pics that’ll lift your mood.

1. “He looked in the mirror and his expression was priceless.”

2. Just imagine you enter the bathroom and see this.

3. “My dog can see up to the sidewalk in the reflection of my crystal ball so he watches for people and cars but he looks like he’s seeing the future.”

4. “She didn’t want her feet to get wet outside.”

5. “225-year-old cat and kitten prints on my fireplace hearth.”

6. “My cat and his goldfish buddy!”

7. “Our cat is very confused with our new picture.”

8. “Not the most flattering angle of a blue-footed booby.”

9. “We have derp otters in Singapore.”

10. He just wanted to organize some cosmetics

11. “Lily doesn’t like me taking pictures of her bunny butt, but it’s too cute!”

12. “Why so serious?”

13. “Went down the wrong pipe.”

14. “Play with me human.”

15. “I think I interrupted something.”

16. “Sometimes it’s best not to question these things.”

17. “The whole house and this dog sleeps nose-first into a pupper-poop.”

18. “My dog won’t stop drooling on my pants.”

19. “Total eclipse of the cat”

20. It looks like he feels comfortable.

What funny things does your pet do? Do you prefer energetic or calm pets, and why?


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