These 16 Pets’ Weird Behaviors Will Need an Explanation

2 years ago

Imitation is something that apparently all creatures do one way or another. Humans imitate other humans and, as it turns out, pet animals imitate humans as well. Scientists believe that it’s all these years of breeding and training that have made pets eager to copy our moves and behaviors. However, before copying something, dogs will evaluate if a certain behavior will be useful to them, and then they will proceed to imitate it.

Bright Side gathered 16 images where pets show their best efforts at mimicking humans and their behavior.

1. “Maddie trapped herself in the basement and was too polite to bark. This is how I found out.”

2. “Our Lily”

3. “My brother’s cat makes me uncomfortable. She makes all of us uncomfortable.”

4. “Couldn’t make it out of bed before falling back to sleep.”

5. “Jed is spending his afternoon ensuring the neighborhood kids stay off his lawn.”

6. “This cat is done with the day at 10 a.m. I can relate.”

7. “Murph’s big time chillin’.”

8. “Winston wanted to pop in to say hello.”

9. “Still working on begging, but 95% of his body gets it.”

10. “My mom’s cat must wonder how we keep finding her.”

11. “A polite looking gentleman”

12. “Me and the baby boy”

13. “Potato has chicken legs.”

14. “Where he fits, he sits weirdly...”

15. “She’ll sit on my head while I fold clothes, do dishes, everything.”

16. “Let’s just say the new pup is comfortable.”

Does your pet do anything this weird that makes you wonder if maybe they have some human DNA in them?

Preview photo credit ExcuseMyT*** / reddit


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