An Artist Draws Sincere Illustrations About Her Relationship, and We All Want a Love Like This

4 years ago

Contemporary illustrator and Periscope star, Amanda Oleander, found the love of her life in 2015. Since that time, she’s been revealing all the sides of their relationship through her sincere and passionate works. Unlike other artists, Oleander depicts how couples behave behind the closed doors of their homes, that’s why her illustrations always look so relatable to us.

Bright Side gathered 19 of the most powerful of Amanda's works that will make you believe in true love.

19. Every time Netflix releases a new TV show:

18. Every time, it feels like you're leaving forever.

17. Unexpected hugs are always the best.

16. I can’t wait to breathe you in again.

15. Even my "green monster" face mask doesn't scare you.

14. We did it, we found each other.

13. True love is about getting fat together.

12. A comfy blanket and you in my arms, that's all I need.

11. Who needs to go to a restaurant when you can arrange a perfect date right on your couch?

10. You give me the power to live.

9. You're never too old for piggyback rides.

8. When you’re finally back home after a long day of work:

7. It’s never close enough.

6. Kissing you makes me melt.

5. I feel safe and comfortable only in your arms.

4. When I talk to you, nothing else is important.

3. I’ll show you the whole universe inside me.

2. When you’re talking to your love, you can take off your mask and reveal your true self.

1. There’s no better feeling than watching you love my cooking.

Bonus: The artist and her boyfriend in real life

Which of Amanda’s works impressed you the most? Share your opinions with us in the comments!


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All of your drawing are very inspiring. My honey and I have been married 30 years, and we still treat each other as you described amd didn't think any one else had the same love experience. Keep dawing. May need to know how to treat each other as husband and wife.


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