An Artist From New Zealand Shows the Little Things Most Loving Couples Do, and They Look So Familiar

4 years ago

A Korean artist who lives in Auckland, New Zealand has already melted the hearts of 100,000 followers with her bright illustrations. The artist knows well what true love is all about and moreover, she knows how to depict it. She has the unique ability to notice and show those little, sweet nothings that most couples who are in love do. LYNN CHOI posts her works on her Instagram account and we bet her followers can’t wait to see another illustration by her.

We at Bright Side got an overwhelming feeling to go and hug our loved ones after seeing these pics and we hope you’ll get it too. Our bonus at the end will show you how love starts.

You up already?

Couples who feed each other at the same time will last forever.

Underwater love

Caught ya...

Junk food feast on a rainy night

Going home

Late afternoon snacks

Who is she texting?

It’s picnic time!

Home late

Snowball fighting

Pure happiness

Feed me while I draw okay?

Bonus: I hope the bus comes late.

“Excuse me! Can you hide me from the rain?”

What little things with your partner do you enjoy doing the most? Which of these pics did you see yourself in? Please tell us about them in the comments!


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This one with the umbrella reminds me of my boyfriend :D He is taller then me so he gets annoyed when I hold the umbrella.. because it makes him bend and I guess it's annoying to walk like that


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