An Artist Imagines What Expecting Disney Couples Would Look, and It’s Too Enchanting

3 years ago

After watching Disney cartoons, many of us are left wondering what is hiding behind that happy ending. An artist from Rostov-on-Don, Russia, Oksana Zolotareva Pashenko, gives us a chance to peek into the famous lives of Disney couples and their families and see them expecting their own babies. Each picture Oksana creates radiates love and warmth and proves that a happy ending is just the beginning of something magical.

We at Bright Side became true fans of Oksana’s Instagram page, where she already has almost 33,000 followers who’ve fallen in love with her art, just like we did. With the author’s permission, we feel eager to show you famous Disney couples expecting their own babies. The bonus at the end will show you what those babies look like.

Aladdin and Jasmine

Hercules and Meg

Mulan and Shang

Belle and Adam (the Beast)

Tiana and Naveen

Pocahontas and John Smith

Cinderella and Prince Charming

Snow White and Ferdinand

Aurora and Phillip

Ariel and Eric

Esmeralda and Febo

Rapunzel and Flynn

Bonus: Disney couples and their babies

Aurora and her baby in a Maleficent costume

Pocahontas and her sweetie

Belle and her little princess

Jasmine and her son

Mulan and her little hero

Ariel and Melody

Cinderella and her baby

Snow White and her little cutie

Tiana and her daughter

What names would you give to the babies of Disney couples? Do you think their looks have changed after becoming mothers?


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I saw many other of his arts in his profile and some of them the continuity of this post, like Fathers bonding with children and related to this post and every one of them were awesome


sure bc that's exactly what we need, induce motherhood even more into little girls, making them think that's their only goal here smdh


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