16 People Who Dared to Go for a Big Change and Now Can’t Take Their Eyes Off the Mirror

2 years ago

Up to 80% of women are not satisfied with their reflection in the mirror. Such cases are also among men. If the reasons for this dissatisfaction are not psychological issues but the presence of visible imperfections, the best way to get rid of it is to correct the flaw and start to enjoy life.

We at Bright Side feel really glad for people who changed themselves and who now feel happy in their new look.

“I started my skin care journey about two years ago. I didn’t realize how far I’d come until I pulled out my before picture.”

“I got masseter muscle Botox.”

“I lost some weight by the age of 19.”

“1.5 years post-op rhinoplasty & septoplasty. Super happy!”

“Fixed the bite and already removed the braces.”

“Grateful for puberty and the gym.”

“Got filler in my cheeks and a thin filler in the nasolabial folds, then I got Xeomin in my chin, around my mouth, and by my brow.”

“Second time losing weight, after a harsh disease left me paralyzed.”

“Finally feel like my skin and I are forming a symbiotic relationship.”

“Lost almost 108 lbs.”

“My skin is clear for the first time in years!”

“My teeth grew in horrendously crooked, and at 31 I finally got braces installed.”

Before vs 1 month vs 4 months post-op rhinoplasty.

“Started losing weight on my own November 2020 and already lost 165 lbs.”

Double jaw surgery and voila!

“I am 26, and I recently had surgery and lost about 65 lb. Now I got laser skin resurfacing. Before the procedure, day 1 and day 5 after it.”

Have you always been satisfied with your appearance or do you want to change something?

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l'm about 70kg overweight, 61yrs old and Still have skin problems. Everytime l go to the hospital it's for a different body part and have just been told my white blood cell count is through the roof across the board.
l've been fighting one thing or another since 6yrs of age, l don't know what tomorrow may bring, but heaven help whoever brings the next argument! lol


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