17 People That Changed So Much They Can Barely Recognize Themselves in the Mirror

2 years ago

A lot of people would probably like to improve something about themselves — lose a few extra pounds, change their eyebrows, or find the perfect makeup. But while some people just give up, others are bravely looking for changes.

We at Bright Side were really happy about the success of the people from this article. Not everyone has enough willpower to undergo a big transformation.

“Grew out my hair, wore more ’natural’ makeup, and changed my eyebrow shape. Feel like it’s made a big difference.”

“I lost 125 lbs in 18 months with a low carb diet! Now in maintenance mode for 3 years.”

“This is my only high school photo. I’ve changed so much!”

“Every year, I tell myself I’m going to weigh less by my next birthday. For almost a decade, I did quite literally the opposite. Well, not this year! Happy birthday to me!”

65 lb weight loss. What a change!

“Gained weight, style, and confidence”

“I lost 80 lbs in 2.5 years. I can finally wear clothes I used to feel insecure in.”

From nerd to hot guy

“We’ve come a long way, baby.”

“19-28. Nearly a decade and I think I made a slight improvement.”

“19-24. People don’t believe me when I show them my ID.”

— This is a different person. © le0bit115 / Reddit
— No. I lost weight, had nose surgery, and had a cool sculpt to remove the fat under my chin.

Working out can do wonders.

“I fought for change.”

“This is my first before and after, almost after, I’m not done yet y’all!”

“I look like a ton of different people. 2013-2020 progress”

24 vs 25

“My skin is finally clear”

Would you like to change anything about your appearance? Or do you feel confident now?

Preview photo credit doomer1111 / Reddit


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most of the girls struggle with weight loss and guys with weight gain 😅


that girl doesn't look like a ton of different people though


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