20+ People Who Changed Their Look So Dramatically, Even Their Relatives Didn’t Recognize Them

3 years ago

When people want to change something in their life, like lose weight, for example, they follow the impulse, but it’s never quite enough because their enthusiasm eventually fades away and the problem remains. When you realize that your goal is not that attainable, the easiest thing to do is drop everything and return to the starting point. Scientists and psychologists haven’t figured out how to solve the problem of decreased motivation yet but they have proposed an alternative option — to try new behavioral strategies and not to become discouraged in case of failure. Try to break the habits you already have, do something new and unusual every day, and remember the ultimate goal.

Bright Side, together with people who have taken control of their lives, want to help you find motivation, at least for a short time. After that, everything will be in your hands.

“I was very shy and insecure. Taking better care of yourself and self-love can change you beyond recognition.”

“I struggle not only with weight but with the mindset of the girl on the left. This lifestyle is challenging at times but rewarding.”

“From 270 lb to 120 lb — I realized that changing your looks doesn’t change the inside. Self-esteem is a work in progress.”

“The face on the left is a result of a person who knows no limitations. The second photo is me today. I realized I should care about myself as much as I care for others.”

“My achievements in 9 months — minus 46 lb and a grown office plant.”

“The first picture was taken in March 2019, the second one was taken today.”

“I lost 100 lb. It’s nice to know that there are people who are going through the same things as you. I madly respect everyone who is trying to be better.”

“I lost 70 lb. What’s the secret? I eliminated the factors that speed up the process of eating.”

“For me, it was watching TV during dinner. And also, eat slowly so that you know when you’re full.”

“From barely being able to walk to gaining the freedom to live my dreams. I still have lots to achieve.”

“These pics were taken 4 years apart. I used to be bullied relentlessly but now, a few of those bullies actually asked me out.”

28 months later

“The difference between the photos is about 1.5 years. I gave up bad habits.”

“A year ago, I started eating healthy and going to the gym. I lost most of the weight when I signed up for self-defense classes. What really helped was setting goals. At some point, I got stuck at a certain weight, but I didn’t freak out. Just started to drink a lot of water, get more rest, and get enough sleep, and it worked.”

“Sometimes, I think I look like the girl in the first photo. It’s really helpful to put old and new photos side by side.”

“13 months of progress! I’m reaching my goal slowly and steadily.”

“I can hardly recognize myself in the photo on the left. I lost 60 lb.”

You were adorable in the first photo and gorgeous in your second photo. Great job!!


“Trying to get in shape to marry my best friend in January!”

“Me in 2012 and me in 2020 — I used to be mistaken for a boy and now, I’m the happy girl I always wanted to be!”

“These are 2 completely different men, physically and mentally. Life truly began at 40 for me! I feel amazing.”

“I feel like I’m aging backward.”

101 lb later

“I was trying to keep motivated and avoid my regular food. As a result, I lost 200 lb in 3.5 years.”

“I changed my hair, got contacts, cleared my skin, and lost some weight.”

“This is a photo of my wife and it’s the best transformation I’ve ever seen. But I’m totally biased.”

“Here is some Monday motivation — if I can do it, anyone can. Don’t give up!”

Tell us about your motivation that helped you become better.

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When you're in your teens/twenties is the time to change your lifestyle and diet because it's "easy" and it works fast. Then you have kids, and then you age, and suddenly it's not so easy. Enjoy being beautiful girls and boys!


Many of these photos include not just weight loss, hair and makeup changes, and attitude changes -- many depend on image filters or Photoshop! Look at the differences in the thickness of the lips, the change in the face shape, the larger eyes with a bit different color, and the much smoother skin. Lots of these are great examples of personal growth and change. Some are people afraid to post two real, unedited photos. Sad. I despair of positive body image and sense of beauty and self for the younger generations growing up with not just magazine models airbrushed and edited, but almost everyone on social media edited! Just be real!


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