18 People Who Got a Complete Makeover, and Their Only Regret Was Not Doing It Sooner

2 years ago

If you are honest with yourself when you look in the mirror, you might be able to admit that there’s at least one thing you’d really like to change about your appearance. It can be anything, and most times, it’s nothing more than a slight detail on your face or some other part of your body, like wanting a smaller nose, different colored eyes, etc. And while many people accept their appearance just as it is, others feel more comfortable doing something about the things they don’t like and try to look the way they really want to.

Bright Side made a compilation of pictures from people who’ve undergone surgery to correct or improve their appearance and got amazing results. In the end, they were left wondering why they didn’t do it sooner.

1. “Before and a little over a year after”

2. “Update: 10 days post-procedure! Really happy with it.”

3. “21 months, before and after, 11 days post-op”

4. “Before and after masseter and lips — I’m so happy with the results so far! No more jaw pain.”

5. “Before and after, post-op, day 0”

6. “Upper eyelid correction, before and after”

7. “3 years post-op, before and after”

8. “Before vs 6 months post-op!”

9. “I feel like a new person — 11 weeks post-op”

10. “9 weeks post-op! Just roll with whatever face it is that I’m making.”

11. “1 year, before and after”

12. “Tear through: immediately before and 4 days after”

13. “Before and after — roughly 3 months since surgery now”

14. “Before and after: It took over 2 years for the swelling to completely dissipate.”

15. “4-month update: It’s amazing how much has changed with the frontal view, I feel as if I look younger.”

16. “Side profile vs 6 days post-op: If my nose stays cute and button-y like this, I may have to kiss my surgeon.”

17. “Before and after: 4 months between the photos”

18. “Pre-op and 5 months post-op: a smiling difference!”

What part of your body would you change and why?

Preview photo credit nir***inh*** / reddit


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I think you should learn to love yourself no matter what, but I guess a little help can't hurt... I hope they are happy with how they are now!


For some people, surgery is necessary to solve their breathing and beauty problems, but not for most


I must be blind, in all but an obvious few I was fighting to see a change.


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