10+ Real Stories Reddit Users Prefer Not to Tell Others Because They Sound Made Up

10 months ago

Unbelievable things happen to us every day, and there are those who are glad to share them with the world. A Reddit thread where people share unthinkable stories that few listeners believe in became pretty popular. We selected the most unbelievable ones. Fasten your seatbelts; we are starting an amazing journey!

  • While working my first job ever at 16, I was delivering pizzas during the summer and was tipped 10,000 dollars cash. Jazzlike-Ad-208/Reddit
  • I was a 17-year-old girl walking alone in the downtown, which was not the safest place to be at. A dude called me from an alleyway. He goes, “Hey kid! Do you like Dalmatians? Like the movie?” I answered that I do. So this guy asks me to follow him to his truck because he has puppies and, of course, I follow him.
    I kid you not but when we came to his car, he had like eight pups and their mother in the back of this rusted junker between these buildings and let me play with them for like ten minutes before I walked back to my dorms. He wanted me to take one, but our dormitory just got busted for hiding squirrels and cats inside the week before. So anyway, that’s the story of how I followed a stranger down an alley because he told me he had puppies, and he actually had puppies. ShineMawile/Reddit
  • I was 21, studying in London, and happened to notice Megadeth were playing that night (ah the days before easy internet access), so I grabbed the tube and headed to Camden to find tickets. On the way there, while riding the train, I noticed a girl wearing a Megadeth hoodie, so I approached her to ask if she knew whether tickets would be available at the venue, and she said the show was sold out.
    A guy overheard this conversation, confirmed there were no more tickets, and asked me if I really wanted to go, to which I enthusiastically replied yes. He said, “We’re opening for them. Here, if you buy our CD for £10 I’ll get you on the list”. It was a Diamond Head tour member (he said he was their guitarist, but I’m not sure I believe that and at this point, I don’t remember, Diamond Head wasn’t a band I followed).
    Long story short, this is how I ended up seeing a show with Diamond Head opening for Megadeth that night and having a really long conversation with Dave Mustaine at the after-party. faousa/Reddit
  • My mother is gay. She and my dad had more of a friendship/loving relationship. My dad knew my mom was gay. They discussed it. Back then, my mother couldn’t be out of the closet but wanted a child.
    My dad obliged and married my mom, so we would have something when he passed. They lived together till he died but were not lovers. They just loved each other and me. I was born in the 1970s. Different times. Dubious_Titan/Reddit
  • I went to a July 4th party at Mark Zuckerberg’s house once, and he grilled me a burger. _basquiat/Reddit
  • My daughter was besties with a girl in the kindergarten and invited her to her birthday party being held at her uncle’s house. My wife at the time and her mom were friends, she said, “Don’t bring anything at all, even presents, just come to the uncle’s place.” I pulled up and immediately realized this was not a normal birthday party, as there were security checking IDs to get in.
    Turns out, this girl’s great-uncle is Danny Trejo! So I have a picture in my office of my daughter and her bestie sitting on Machete’s shoulders. I gotta say, he’s the nicest celebrity I ever met. Spent most of his time playing with the kids but even though my wife and I were pretty much the only non-family members there, he went out of his way to make us feel welcome. AKBigDaddy/Reddit
  • When I was 15, I entered a national portraiture competition and unexpectedly won it. I had a 30-minute conversation about art with the late Queen of England, she gave me a book about fine art and some shopping vouchers as a prize. WalnutWhipWilly/Reddit
  • We were cruising around Huntington Beach in my friend’s Mercury Comet back in the late 80s. Racing people randomly and generally being obnoxious. We are at the red light and next to us is a little old lady in her nondescript Audi. My buddy guns the engine a few times as we hoot and holler at her.
    She turns her head slowly, and with a wry smile puts her hand on the wheel. She is wearing those leather driving gloves, the ones with all the holes on the fingers. The light turns green and she absolutely smoked us. We were stunned and just watched her speed off. Rasp41/Reddit
  • I met Quentin Tarantino in a record/DVD shop in LA. We spoke for a few minutes, but he preferred that we didn’t get a photo. I told a handful of people and well, without proof, the story was met with disdain and disbelief. So now I don’t really put that story out there anymore. ellozee/Reddit
  • I flipped a coin, and it landed on neither heads nor tails. It landed on the rim. Of course, I took a picture but obviously just looks like I perched it like that. No one ever believes me! Plantirina/Reddit
  • My grandfather named Burger King’s “Whopper”. He was friends with several of the founders of Burger King, and they used to get together and hang out and play poker. They were chatting one night and trying to come up with the name for one of Burger King’s upcoming burgers and my grandfather suggested the name “The Whopper”. It was probably one of many suggestions and nothing came of it at the time.
    He was offered a position at the company but turned it down and decided to open up a Burger Castle restaurant instead. Not too long after, Burger King announced their new burger and it was named the Whopper. My family could be heirs to a Burger King fortune, but my grandfather was always stubborn and wanted to do his own thing. Digitoxin/Reddit

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