20 People Who Will Likely Remember 2020 as Their Luckiest Year

3 years ago

Many people blame 2020 for the difficulties it threw at all of us. But some people know how to create their own destiny, even in the most difficult of times, and turn such moments into happy and successful ones. Looking at them, we also want to pull ourselves together and achieve our goals next year.

We at Bright Side love to share the immense joy of these people, and we hope that you also had bright and pleasant moments this year.

1. “I was born this way and was worried about how my wedding ring would look on me. But the day has come, and my head is spinning from happiness.”

2. “If 2 years ago someone told me that I would wear a size 8 dress and fall in love with sports, I wouldn’t have believed it for a second!”

3. “I’ve never really had anybody make a fuss about my birthdays in the past. But this year, my wife went all out for me! It was so incredible!”

4. “At the age of 16, I underwent surgery on my jaw. And now, at age 23, I finally finished what I started and reshaped my lips. No, I’m not an Instagram model, but I’m really happy.”

5. “I was chosen at casting. Now, I’m an androgynous model and will participate in a fashion show.”

6. “A little over a year ago, I started baking cakes for sale. All this week, I didn’t go to my main job and was baking. I’m on my way to my dream!”

7. “This year, we finally moved into our dream house!”

8. “I did yoga every night and in 4 months, I corrected the forward tilt of my pelvis.”

9. “I got the chance of a lifetime — today, I start working as a chef. This is my first kitchen.”

10. “For 4 years, Milo didn’t even let me touch him. But today, he finally decided that I was not so bad.”

11. “I’m 51 years old, and I’ve lost 183 lb. It’s never too late!”

12. “My fiancé dumped me and I was saving myself from depression by knitting. After 7 failed attempts, I finally finished my first hat.”

13. “I moved to a new place and changed my job. And yesterday, at the age of 36, I bought my first car!”

14. “Our wedding in July had to be canceled. But we fled to Scotland and got married secretly there in October. The happiest day of my life!”

15. “I finally broke off a toxic relationship that lasted 4 years. Now I love and understand myself, and it’s a great feeling!”

16. “I have cerebral palsy. Today, I fried bacon myself for the first time!”

17. “This is me at 20 weeks pregnant after 5 years of unsuccessful attempts. In a few days, I will find out the gender of my unborn child.”

18. “For 8 years, I have been struggling with anorexia. I finally conquered my fear of restaurants.”

19. “This year, my husband made his dream come true — despite a 60-hour work week, he wrote and published a book.”

20. “I’ve been saving up for this surgery since I was 14! It was the best decision for my mental health and my self-esteem.”

Share with us your big or small successes and joys that happened to you last year.

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well in 2020, 10 days after the Beirut's port explosion, I found a job, 5 months later I'm happy where I am

3 years ago
The comment has been deleted but it will stay in our hearts forever.
3 years ago
This comment is too shy. It's hiding.

Everyone did a good job 🥰 I would like to read the Logan Clay's book though.

3 years ago
Nothing will stay buried forever, apart from this comment.
3 years ago
The comment was arrested by the vice squad.

in 2020 I also decided to take care of myself and started sporting a lot. Even when we were on the lockdown, I did exercising everyday :))


it's being great im so proud of myself. I literally gained kilos, but because my muscles grew.
I still keep pursuing my goal


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