11 Stereotypes That Should Have Stayed in the Past, But Still Hurt Us Today

3 years ago

There is no place for outdated stereotypes in the 21st century, but they continue to hold their strong positions. And there are those who can get hurt by sharp sayings heard from others. The bravest people find the strength to not pay attention to such little things and can relate to the following phrases and principles, which should actually be left in the past, with humor.

We at Bright Side recalled 11 treacherous stereotypes that many people are fed up with — but somehow they are still around.

“A girl should be feminine.”

Women in movies and shows usually limit themselves to a salad or a cup of coffee when on a date, and enjoy typical “female” gifts like teddy bears. Situations, where the representatives of the beautiful half of the planet are limited to stereotypical and uncomfortable boxes, are described by psychologists as “toxic femininity.”

It’s worth paying attention to the fact that if a girl is wearing jeans instead of dresses, and loves tattoos or short hairstyles, it doesn’t make her less feminine. She can be as desirable and attractive in the eyes of the opposite sex as a girl with long curls in an adorable dress.

“You should settle for less.”

Some people are extremely critical of themselves — they don’t expect gifts from life and are ready to agree to less when it comes to choosing a partner or a job. According to experts, this person can feel dissatisfaction and tends to justify the unacceptable behavior of others.

“Everyone wants the same thing.”

A person’s wishes can tell much more about them than it seems at first glance. As researchers have found out, men more often strive for power and success in love relationships, while women want happiness, an attractive appearance, and strong health. However, one should understand that the dreams of everyone on the planet can’t be the same. While the goal of one may be a successful marriage, the goal of another may be a mind-blowing career. Judging people exclusively by their own understanding of the world is an idea that is predestined to fail.

“Your personal life is more important than your career.”

Some women prefer to build careers, while others feel comfortable in the role of a housewife. Some people understand how hard it is to be a working mother and that’s why they put off this idea until they become competitive in their field of work and create a financial safety net.

Besides that, many women believe that their career and the results of their work are their ultimate legacy, and, therefore, aren’t interested in giving birth to kids as soon as possible.

“You are a housekeeper!”

Sometimes it’s hard for us to find enough energy to do household chores in the whirl of everyday life. In particular, according to experts, people most often neglect cooking due to a lack of free time.

In order to not waste energy and preserve their mental health, experts recommend choosing more simple recipes that don’t take up too much time or allowing yourself to order food from the outside on occasion.

“What are people gonna say?!”

Different generations usually look at various spheres of life absolutely differently. According to psychologists, the origins of our opinion lie in moral norms that have been inherent in us for a very long time. Of course, as a rule, they are significantly different in people of different ages. That’s why you shouldn’t hold someone’s opinion about your issues too close to your heart and there is no need to follow someone’s recommendations either.

“There were no psychotherapists in our times.”

Nowadays more and more people are interested in psychology and mental health. Yes, oftentimes a person can cope with their problems themselves or by seeking support from their family and friends. But sometimes in order to overcome a difficult period, you need the help of a professional and this is something you shouldn’t feel shy about.

“Stop suffering and pull yourself together.”

Experts outline that crisis moments are as significant in our lives as positive ones. Sometimes when fortune turns its back on us, we need to let ourselves live through this period and even feel sorry for ourselves, if necessary. Of course, you can try to distract yourself from negative thoughts, but it’s definitely not worth suppressing negative emotions in yourself.

“A woman should... a man should...”

Society often constrains people with gender stereotypes. A woman must be vulnerable, while a man must be strong and fearless. But all these stereotypes often prevent us from living. Psychologists are sure that such unfounded generalizations are harmful to the individual and their mental health.

“Everyone wants to have kids.”

When a woman turns 30 and she has no kids and no husband, people want to know why. This question arises in loving parents, colleagues, and even curious neighbors.

Some people who have always dreamt about having a family and 3 sweet kids, find it hard to understand those who aren’t in a hurry to have offspring. The reasons that affect these decisions can be different — some haven’t met the right person, others aren’t firmly standing on their feet in terms of finances. Moreover, nowadays there are more and more couples who consciously don’t plan to have kids and who’ve made the decision to be child-free and live for their own pleasure.

“No one needs a divorced woman with a kid.”

Experts have come to the conclusion that if there are many conflicts in a marriage, kids will feel better if their parents get divorced. Moreover, a kid who has gone through their parents’ divorce has the same chances of building a successful relationship as kids who have grown up in a full family.

In addition, some research says that people who decided to marry for a second time, have fewer chances of getting divorced.

What other annoying stereotypes would you add to this article?


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can relate to the point that older generation doesn't take mental issues seriously :/


I gotta disagree with the woman with a kid one. That one turned out badly for me!


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