7 Unusual Rules Royal Nannies Have to Follow

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The royals have rules and protocol they have to obey constantly, and their staff is no different. The current nanny of Prince George, Prince Louis, and Princess Charlotte studied at a renowned school especially for training super-nannies, where she had to learn very important skills and follow strict rules. In this article, we’ll show you some of them.

Her beauty routine should be minimal.

Since these super-nannies shouldn’t be the center of attention, they shouldn’t wear a full face of make-up — it’s always better to keep it minimal. Their hair and hairstyle should be no different, according to the school for nannies, the hair should be worn up, especially during training. Even their shoes should be a certain way: closed, flat, and laced up for safety.

The school provides them with the uniform they should wear.

We have been able to see the royal nanny without her school’s uniform, but sometimes she decides to wear it. For example, at Pippa Middleton’s wedding we could see her with her beige gown, hat, shoes, and white gloves, which are all part of their traditional look.

They can wear jewelry but only a certain type.

Unlike the royals, who can wear beautiful tiaras and sparkly jewelry, the nannies should also keep it small and discreet. Imagine wearing big hoop earrings and the child you’re looking after pulling them — that would probably hurt. This is why, when caring for kids, small is the way to go.

Their vision must be good to spot photographers.

As the royal family is always in the public eye, sometimes they need a little privacy and their nannies have their backs. Included in their training, they have to learn to drive and to perform evasive driving maneuvers in case the situation calls for it. We’re sure this skill proves to be very useful when running away from the paparazzi.

No one can mess with the nanny because she knows how to defend the children.

Imagine hiring Jackie Chan or Arnold Schwarzenegger as your nanny, having someone that can defend your kids is reassuring for any parent. The current royal nanny, Maria Teresa Turrion Borrallo, received training in martial arts during her time at school. So if needed, she can protect the royal children from any harm.

AFP / East News

Swimming is a basic skill they must have.

AFP / East News

Being able to swim like a professional lifeguard is a very useful skill for any trip to the beach with the family. So these highly trained nannies have to learn how to swim well and to perform first aid.

They also learn normal things like cooking and sewing.

Maybe if they work for the royals, they won’t have to cook or sew themselves. Perhaps the royal family has a specific person that performs those tasks. But if the nanny ends up with a family that doesn’t have those luxuries, she might have to cook and sew herself.

What other things would you add to the royal nanny’s training? What are your thoughts on their qualifications? Let us know in the comment section.


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So they want a 50s woman by actions, skills and looks.


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