18 Things That People Saw and Won’t Be Able to Forget

2 years ago

We see and hear about so many things every day, but we don’t remember all of them. And maybe that’s because most of them are ordinary things we are used to seeing. However, sometimes we get to view extraordinary creations that our brain immediately grabs onto. Or maybe what we see already exists in some way, shape, or form in our knowledge base.

Bright Side wants to share 18 pictures that you will have a hard time forgetting, just like the people who originally took them.

1. “Went to my girlfriend’s parent’s house for the first time. My hands are still wet.”

2. So, they gave you this pizza without a box?

3. When a friend visits and wants to play games with you.

4. “I work for a scooter company, and need to retrieve this one in order to proceed with my route.”

5. When all you want to do is go camping and relax.

6. This entrance is so wheelchair-friendly you will cry.

7. “I thought this was a piece of painted-over tape stuck to a bookshelf. Peeled it up to find it was concealing a mystery.”

8. “Found this creepy clown shower.”

9. “On second thought, Imma put it right back.”

10. “Slice of sushi pizza, made in Brazil.”

11. Multiple wasp nests merged into one.

12. “100±year-old clam from the Great Barrier Reef”

13. “New prototype ‘economy’ airline seats.”

14. “Think I’ve just found the world’s longest swirly fry.”

15. “Our office stays mostly empty these days, but I popped in today and made some coffee. After it brewed, I lifted the pump lever and found this.”

16. “I think I’ll park somewhere else.”

17. “This bike I saw outside a grocery store.”

18. “My wife eats apples from the bottom... including the core.”

What is the most memorable thing that your eyes have ever witnessed? Try and give us the most detailed description you can.

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Preview photo credit rugburn55 / reddit


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