12 People Whose Self-Irony Flows Over the Edge

2 years ago

People with a high level of self-irony seem invulnerable to embarrassment, as they make light of different things about themselves, even if they’re negative. Psychologists say that laughing at yourself is a good sign of psychological health, intellectual ability, and maturity. Another curious fact is that people are not born with this trait — self-irony can be easily developed by practicing self-representation, looking at situations from an outside perspective, and praising yourself in any situation.

Our Bright Side team has compiled a collection of photos from the people who got an A+ at self-irony, so you can laugh along with them.

1. ’’When you haven’t shaved in a while’’

2. “I always get a double-take from customs because my passport is only 4 months old.”

3. ’’Eyebrows not found.’’

4. ’’When you find out yarn weight and needle size matter in a pattern’’

5. ’’Yeah, you and me both — no wonder I love this pizza!’’

6. ’’I made a new art piece today. I call it Cutting Board in the Dishwasher."

7. ’’The face I made on my first real rollercoaster ride’’

8. ’’Expectation vs reality’’

9. ’’I made a wedding cake topper and then saw a knot in the wood at the worst spot’’

10. ’’Seventh grade me vs 2022 me — it wasn’t a phase, Mom.’’

11. ’’I wanted to look beautiful but instead, I look like a creepy guy from a Halloween movie.’’

12. ’’If you think you look ugly in a document, check mine out."

Which photo, in your opinion, takes first place in self-irony? Do you also laugh at yourself sometimes?

Preview photo credit Theatrekitten / Imgur


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