16 Double Standards That Really Annoy Us

4 years ago

The term “double standard” appeared in the 19th century, even though the phenomenon itself has probably existed forever. Nowadays, people are trying to be tolerant and fair, but you can still see double standards in almost any area of people’s lives.

We at Bright Side want the world to be fair for everyone, which is why we’re really annoyed by double standards.



I have a son, he’s 7 years old. He fell in love with a cute well-behaved girl. I mentioned it to a mother I know who has a son and a daughter. This is what she told me, “Why are you happy about this? Are you crazy? Your son will have to work his entire life to provide for her needs. You can see they are raising a princess.” And the only type of cartoons she lets her daughter watch is about princesses, so that when she grows up she doesn’t date some poor guy. And she tells her son that girls are stupid and don’t deserve him. © Neta199128 / Pikabu



When my wife and I decided to get a dog, all of our relatives were shocked and everyone said that we would have to take it on a walk every day, take it to the vet, get it vaccinated, raise it, that it would make noise, ruin things around the house, and that you can’t leave it alone, you can’t go anywhere, and it requires time and money. But when we said we wanted a child, they were really happy and not worried about our financial situation at all. Double standards and hypocrisy. We’re getting a dog. © Overheard / vk


I’m looking for a job, going on job interviews. At one company, the boss says,
— We’re hiring you. You can come tomorrow. But don’t fill out the job application yet, you’ll work without it for a month.
— Sure, sounds good. But only if you give me the month’s paycheck in advance.
He rolled his eyes:
— Are you kidding me? What if you run away in the middle of the month?
Me: I won’t. Why do you have doubts about me?
Him: These are just words!
Me: You’ve given me nothing but words either.
He stared at me for a minute.
— You’re not good for the job. Good bye. © Buhalsbomjami / Pikabu







I’m a guy who is 26 years old. I play table tennis and I often go to practice in a building where there are children doing karate. I’m so annoyed by their mothers who come into the men’s changing room! They can’t even teach their 8-10-year-old children to change their own clothes. What would happen if I went into a girl’s changing room to help my daughter? © Overheard / vk

When i was little and had trouble putting my cap on by myself at the swimming pool i always had to go to men's changing room so my dad could put it on for me. If a kid needs assistance they need assistance. And before someone talks about how their fathers should go with them instead just remember single parents exist





I had a fanatic ecology professor in college. During every lecture, she talked about how important it was to save the environment, use less paper, sort the trash, use filters in our cars, and stuff like that. But she wouldn’t accept my work, which I printed on the other side of a piece of previously used paper. She said I had to print it normally. Double standards. © Overheard / vk



Have you ever been in a situation like this? Which double standards make you angry?

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Agree with number 7! Flying women are witches. Not to offend anyone tho haha


I hate double standards, I swear my mom has them for me and my sister but doesn't want to admit it


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