My Wife Threw Out the Present I Gave Her, and It Led to Me Revealing Her Terrible Secret

2 months ago

A man was seriously worried about his wife’s behavior and her reaction to a pleasant surprise he made for her. The woman was inadequate after she received flowers from her husband on a very romantic occasion. When the man confronted his wife, he was shaken, because what he thought was a weird meltdown, turned out to be a big shock for him. It turned out, his wife had a secret and after revealing it, the man just doesn’t know how to proceed with his relationship with his beloved wife.

A man’s spouse has always been a calm and moderate person.

A man named Derek, 39, wrote a letter to our editorial and shared his story that can touch a string in many people’s hearts. He opened his letter, saying, «My wife Sarah and I have been happily married for over 5 years now. I met Sarah in a supermarket and got attracted to her just instantly. I approached her, introduced myself and we had a casual chat, then I invited her for a cup of coffee and we instantly had this chemistry between us. Our relationship developed very quickly, and soon after our first meeting we were engaged.»

Derek told us that his wife Sarah had a turbulent past. The man wrote, «When I met Sarah, she was a widow. She had known her late husband Mike since childhood. I knew the details of their life and I even knew that Sarah’s mom babysat Mike when he was a kid. Sarah and Mike had been „dating“ since they were in 7th grade and then they got married when they both were 20. Mike died in a car accident when they were 33, shortly before I met her.»

Derek and Sarah often brought up the topic of Sarah’s late husband.

Derek goes on with his story, saying, that it has never been a secret to him that Sarah had been grieving her late husband’s loss and it was hard for her to get over it. Derek was the person who suggested Sarah to attend a therapist, because he saw that, though his wife loved him, she was still coping with her past and he sincerely wanted to help.

The man wrote, «When we first started dating, Sarah was still grieving her husband’s death, she would often have these panic attacks and she often locked herself in the bathroom sobbing. I have always tried to be as understanding as I could when such things happened. I sincerely tried to comfort her, even when she refused my help and just asked for some space.»

The spouses talked a lot about Sarah’s past, and Derek sincerely believed that this helped a lot in overcoming the boundaries in their relationship. The man saw that over the years, the critical situation has lessened and they both reached the point when Sarah didn’t bring her late husband up anymore.

One day, Derek brought his wife some flowers, and the outcome was very emotional.

Derek wrote that one day, it came to his mind that a very significant date was approaching. He wrote, «It just hit me that soon Sarah and I will be celebrating the 5-year-anniversary of when we first met. I remember that date clearly, because it was significant for me, I fell in love with my wife that very day, at first sight. But Sarah seemed to have forgotten about this date, and I decided to make a romantic present for her, and this way I wanted to remind her of the feelings we had at the start of our relationship.»

Derek wrote that he bought some lilies for Sarah and at the very last moment he decided to buy an expensive golden ring with a diamond, just to please his wife on that special day even more.

But when he came home and gave Sarah the flowers, he was dumbfounded by the reaction that followed. The man wrote, «She grabbed the flowers out of my hands, and stormed out of the apartment without even putting shoes on. I followed her, she then started screaming at the top of her lungs and threw the lilies in a dumpster. Then, Sarah’s knees gave out and she fell to the ground. She was crying like absolutely crazy. I’ve never seen Sarah this bad.»

Derek confronted his wife and found out the truth which shook him to the core.

Derek wrote, «When Sarah was having that breakdown because of the flowers and was lying on the floor, I got down on the floor with her and tried to hold her and calm her down. I apologized for giving her these flowers, I didn’t understand why there was such a reaction, because I had given her lilies before, on different occasions and everything was just fine. But not this time. I wanted to know why she was so outrageous.»

When Sarah calmed down, Derek asked her why she was having that meltdown over the flowers. The woman didn’t want to talk first, but Derek insisted.

The man wrote, «When she refused to talk, I said I would need to bring her to the therapist or a doctor, and she gave up. She told me the truth I wish I’d better never known. Turned out, that her late husband Mike had a twin brother, Todd. Sarah said that both brothers looked very alike and oftentimes other people couldn’t tell them apart. So, after Mike died, Sarah was in such grief that she started communicating with Mike’s twin brother very closely, just for her comfort, because he did look like Mike, and Sarah was comforted by his presence.»

Derek goes on, saying, «When Sarah and I first met, this was a day when my wife and that twin brother started having a romantic relationship. Sarah fell in love with Todd, and they spent some time together. This was a significant date for her like it was for me, but it turned out we did have different reasons for marking that day as important.»

Derek wrote, «Sarah swore that she never netted Todd after that night and that she didn’t maintain any contact with him since she got into a relationship with me. But I can feel that she’s lying, and I don’t know what to do with this truth. I want to file for divorce now and move out, though I love Sarah more than anything. But I can’t live with this burden anymore and I am honestly sick and tired of my wife’s past.»

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