18 Grandmothers That Still Know How to Have Fun

2 years ago

Grandmothers feed us so much, we can’t even get up after a meal. They knit socks that help us out in winter, and the vegetables they grow are really tasty. And they somehow remain optimistic and know how to have fun.

We at Bright Side smiled a lot while looking through pictures that show grandmothers and their lives, and we’re happy to have them around.

“An elderly woman at the post office checking her package: ’Kasya, you have a new dress now!’ This is Kasya.”

Grandmother’s wisdom

“Grandma: ’At least 1 man in this house will be useful.’”

“My grandma made her shopping bag out of plastic bags.”

“My grandma’s technique for cooking with hot oil”

“My grandma said I was sweet as pie and made this.”

They know how to make you feel better.

“My grandma’s ’pill box hat’ for her fashion show”

“Sometimes we lose my grandma.”

“My grandma and I spent the day in wedding dresses! I’m in my mother’s and she is in her own.”

“My grandma doesn’t like my dad’s driving and decided it was better if she just couldn’t see.”

“My grandmother bought a whole extra bed just for her cat.”

“Grandma was told, ’No more doughnuts!’”

“When grandma prioritizes the dog over you”

“So I’m staying with my grandma in a hotel and she left her makeup bag open”

Grandma: *doesn’t want dog.* Family: *gets dog anyway.* Grandma and dog:

How to dress to visit royal places!

“Grandma thought my underwear was inappropriate, so look what came in the mail...”

Tell us about your grandmothers in the comment section below!

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If they lose their grandma on that picture in full red(ish) then what will they do with the royal palace one!


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