15 Pictures of Obscene Luxury From Dubai

9 months ago

Sometimes we think of Dubai as a distant world. How else can you explain the things which can be found only there?

We at Bright Side got carried away by the pictures from this famous city and want to share them with you.

A PlayStation made of gold. For those who have everything.

2. And how about a Jacuzzi amidst the clouds?

3. They’ve probably got time machines in Dubai. How else can you explain spaceships on the roads?

4. A 350-pound gold brick in a shop window. What a nice home decoration!

5. You can be stopped on the roads of Dubai...but not by the police.

6. Did you call for a taxi?

7. Teeth shine white...or gold.

8. Actually, they have everything made of gold there. Even discounted phones.

9. Just curious. Which is more expensive: the car or its license plate?

10. A Lamborghini is a regular police vehicle...

11. ...or a canvas for children’s drawings.

13. We go shopping for fresh food, and they...for gold.

14. An excellent solution for giving every hotel room its own aquarium.

15. ...and become a big dolphin yourself.

Preview photo credit Reddit, richkidsofdubai/instagram


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#3 is kinda gross..they touch the screen when they use the restroom...but I don't know how they operate them. Hopefully voice activated!


on #11 what is a window cracks of something and on #9 do the allow dogs and parrots i want to knooooww


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