“Screams Desperation,” Nicole Kidman, 56, Stuns in a Risqué Dress, But People Say It’s Not Age-Appropriate

3 months ago

For many decades now, Nicole Kidman has remained a prominent figure, attracting both admiration and disapproval. Her fashion selections consistently generate buzz, and her latest choice did not escape notice. While some online users applauded her bold fashion, others criticized her for making a daring statement.

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Does not look good. I have seen her dress more appropriately. Her back side is too skinny and way below the waste. Not flattering at all.


At the recent New York premiere of Nicole Kidman’s latest mini-TV series, “Expats,” the star made a striking appearance. She wore a timeless black satin dress with a unique touch — it was both backless and sideless.

Crafted by Atelier Versace, the gown boasted a mint green lining, a thigh-high slit, and was complemented by sleek black stilettos. She also adorned herself with diamond earrings and bracelets.

Kidman’s choice of dress elicited a diverse range of opinions. The majority of people online praised her, with positive comments like “I love her, she looks amazing!!” and “I’m so in love with her 😍” However, not everyone was enamored with the look.

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The dress makes her look anorexic, entirely too thin, it makes her look old, with a desperate attempt to look young. She is a very pretty woman, but the dress gotta go!!!! Put it in the rag bag honey! Go back to your classy outfits!


Many people online deemed that this daring dress wasn’t really age-appropriate for a woman in her fifties.

One person commented, “Elegant and classy... that’s an attractive combination. This dress screams desperation.” Another wrote, “It’s not really elegant or classy to look so desperate to look young. Grow old gracefully. She needs to stop trying so hard...”

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We’re convinced that Kidman looks absolutely stunning, showcasing that one can exude both fearlessness and grace regardless of age.

Nicole has faced online criticism for her fashion choices before. Not too long ago, when the actress opted for a micro-skirt in a magazine shoot, not only did she attract a slew of trolls, but she also delivered the perfect response to them.

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Let her be! This dress is fabulous and it suits her. Stop putting people down.


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