Tom Cruise Deemed Unrecognizable in New Pics With Prince William, as Some Say He Had “Too Much Surgery”

5 months ago

On Wednesday night, Tom Cruise was a VIP guest at a London charity gala, where he joined Prince William. And though the night was filled with glitz and glamour due to all the major personalities in attendance, all eyes were on the 61-year-old star because of his noticeably changing face.

Daniel Leal/Associated Press/East News

During his most recent public appearance, the movie star showcased longer, flowing locks as he smiled for photographs alongside the Prince of Wales. As soon as the photos from the evening were shared by the media, the internet was flooded with comments regarding Cruise’s ’’unrecognizable’’ appearance.


Many fans were quick to praise the star and come to his defense. One person wrote, ’’He still looks better than 80% of men his age,’’ while another commented, ’’Do any of us look the same after 40 years? I sure don’t.’’

AP/Associated Press/East News, Kristin Callahan/Everett Collection/East News, © PA Images / Alamy Stock Photo

While many believe that the actor is aging gracefully, others speculate that he has undergone surgeries and fillers, attributing them to his current appearance. One person noted, “Too much surgery, fillers, Botox, hair transplant, etc...not a good look.” Another person gave their opinion, saying, ’’Another star with far too many fillers.’’

We believe that the Mission Impossible actor looked incredibly handsome and every inch the elegant movie star we’ve known him to be. Zac Efron is another Hollywood leading man whose appearance has recently gone viral as some deemed him unrecognizable.

Preview photo credit AP/Associated Press/East News, PA Images / Alamy Stock Photo


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