Dakota Johnson’s Naked Dress Divides the Internet, as Some Deem It Has “No Class”

5 months ago

Dakota Johnson impressed in a daring outfit alongside her co-star, Sydney Sweeney, as they took the spotlight at the Madame Web premiere in Los Angeles. And while Dakota looked undeniably gorgeous, some critics said that the dress is too provocative and commented on the shape of her body.

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The 34-year-old dazzled in a silver, netted gown crafted from shimmering material, featuring a daring plunging neckline. Underneath, she sported a nude-colored bodysuit, complementing the ensemble with open-toed black heels discreetly peeping out from under the dress’s hem.

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Choosing minimal accessories, the offspring of Don Johnson and Melanie Griffith adorned herself with a simple white necklace adorned with a silver pendant. Her brunette tresses were elegantly parted in the center, cascading effortlessly past her shoulders, with wispy bangs delicately framing her forehead.

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Johnson’s daring look took the internet by storm, as many fans were in awe of her natural beauty.
An admirer wrote, “Dakota is too beautiful! Amazing dress, but not all women would look as good as Dakota. She has the perfect body and elegance for it. What a woman!”

And another pointed out, “I actually love this look on Dakota, though I know many will disagree. She is so thin and elegant, her body can pull off such a revealing look without being gratuitous.”

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Huge Dakota fan here! She can wear anything or nothing at all-her entire being is fantastic, normal, talented, kind and funny. She loves her family, her boyfriend, enjoys her fans and takes her work seriously. This girl is a winner no matter what.


Even though the 50 Shades of Grey actress’s look garnered a lot of praise, others deemed the choice of outfit too revealing compared to what she usually wears. One person commented, “Why? Not classy!” and another noted, “Big mistake to wear that, she’ll be regretting that decision for some time.”

As the tight dress revealed the outline of the star’s fabulous body and perfectly hugged her curves, many mentioned the shape of Dakota’s breasts. One person expressed her opinion, noticing, “For 34, they are hanging quite low.” And another commentator suggested, “This gal needs to wear a bra.”

We find Dakota Johnson’s body stunning in her outfit, and her confidence and genuine smile make her all the more irresistible. Another actress whose recent red-carpet appearance caused a huge stir is Nicole Kidman, as her backless dress was deemed too revealing for a 56-year-old.

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It's a stunning dress, and she wears it well. The bodysuit makes it decent enough. Personally, I think a higher neckline would have improved it, but it's certainly not abnormally low cut for a celebrity. I don't see any grounds for criticism


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