Sharon Stone, 65, Shares a Stunning Bikini Photo, But One Twist Completely Stole Her Thunder

11 months ago

Sharon Stone, at 65, is a true inspiration, showing us how to embrace our age gracefully while still being at the peak of our appeal. Her latest post has garnered a lot of attention, and some fans with keen eyes noticed an interesting detail in the photo.

She’s naturally cool.

The Basic Instinct star Sharon Stone treated her 3.8 million Instagram followers to a selfie flaunting her toned figure in a green and black leopard print bikini. Looking effortlessly cool and casual, she rocked her signature short blond hair and black sunglasses while gazing at her reflection in the mirror.

In the photo, casually taken in the living room of the actress’s Beverly Hills mansion, we could see exciting background decor and furniture, such as a leaf print sofa, a modern statue, and a framed picture of one of her all-time favorite actresses, Marilyn Monroe.

A tiny surprise awaits in the photo.

Fans noticed one adorable detail that stole the show in the photo: Stone’s dog, Bandit. The French Bulldog, whom she adopted in 2018, almost blended with the sofa’s neutral colors, but eagle-eyed fans spotted his head popping up in the picture. How cute!

Indeed, Sharon Stone’s lifestyle is truly admirable.

A couple of years back, the mother of three boys shared her secrets for maintaining a svelte figure. Her tricks include an 8-hour-a-night sleeping routine, staying active with lunges and swimming, and enjoying baths with arnica and Dead Sea salts. These practices contribute to her healthy and balanced lifestyle.

She keeps her eating habits simple and healthy. Stone noted ’’My favorite breakfast is watermelon with feta cheese and mint, with olive oil and salt and pepper,’’
She added, ’’And then I usually have a piece of gluten-free sourdough toast with that and an herbal tea.’’

Sharon also revealed that whenever her stomach is upset, she drinks ’’lemon and ginger teas and peppermint teas and these kinds of gentle herb things.’’ The actress added, ’’I’m very gentle with myself and the things that I use.’’

Stone’s precious words serve as a beautiful reminder that self-love is the key to looking fabulous. When we feel comfortable and confident in our bodies, our inner light shines brightly on the outside. Embracing ourselves with love and acceptance is the ultimate secret to radiating beauty.

Despite facing numerous challenges and tragic events, Stone keeps her smile and love for life. Recently, she opened up about the harrowing experience of losing half of her money, showing her strength and resilience. Her honesty and courage in sharing her struggles make us admire this remarkable woman even more.


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