17 People Who Just Wanted to Change Their Hair Style, and Now They’d Rather Stay Home

6 months ago

When you want some changes, one of the quickest and most obvious solutions is to change your looks. And often it is a new hairstyle that can help you feel more confident and fashionable. But you should be very careful about it because your dreams about beautiful hair can be shattered by reality. And this is what happened to the heroes of this article.

1. “Tried curling my hair, failed miserably.”

2. “Bleached and toned my regrowth— but it came out super gray.”

3. “Ever thought about hiring a cheap barber? Think again.”

4. “Used Hot Purple from Crazy Color, and it came out like this.”

5. “Tried going to a new stylist... Crying now.”

6. “I asked for subtle balayage... The hair stylist won’t text me back after asking her to fix it.”

7. “I cut my bangs and I hate them.”

8. “My girlfriend had an oopsie while cutting my hair.”

9. “Just came out the salon, thought it looked great till I saw the back.”

10. “Tried to go light brown with box dye and it ended up like this.”

11. “I dyed my hair and it went 2 different colors.”

12. “The roots grew out, I thought I’d bleach them myself. But the hair just broke off.”

13. “I made the mistake of trying to go platinum while my hair had green semi permanent dye. Here’s how it looks under different lighting!”

14. “I asked for a lob a little past my jaw and she cut it all off. How do I even style this?”

15. “I had green hair. It became unacceptable at work. I dyed it black, but this is what came out after I washed my hair.”

16. “Bad bleach damaged hair.”

17. “Waited 6 weeks for an appointment at the highest rated salon in town for an undercut. This is what I got. Help.”

And here are some makeup fails that people shared with the world.

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