19 People Shared Their Makeup Fails

2 years ago

We’ve all probably had times when we had bad makeup. Whether it was due to inexperience, bad beauty products, or the work of a non-professional makeup artist — there are many different reasons why this can happen. On the Internet, there’s an entire group thread where participants discuss the mistakes of artists, and the bravest contributors even share their own photos.

We at Bright Side are sincerely amused by the women of this compilation that found enough energy to laugh at their makeup fails.

“A Sephora employee’s rendition of a ‘no-makeup makeup’ look. At least it was free.”

“Just a little self-roasting session for how I used to do my eyebrows.”

“I used to do them like this too and people COMPLIMENTED me... dark times.” © such_dependent / Reddit

“Sephora did me dirty.”

“I paid for this. It was my birthday gift from my husband. I wanted to experience a professional makeup artist. I cried when I saw this.”

“Back when I used to model, this was what a ’makeup artist’ did for a shoot.”

“I applied for a beauty position looking like this a year ago and I don’t know how I got the job.”

“I paid $45 for this monstrosity and my husband’s reaction was worth every penny.”

“Shaming myself from my 2016 wedding — look at that contour!”

“My friend took a makeup course. This is the makeup her teacher suggested for me that she recreated.”

“This makeup artist did me dirty on my wedding day. Luckily, I had time to fix it myself.”

“I legit wore this all the time in 2017.”

“I paid someone to do this.”

“It’s almost okay from far away...”

“When I was getting married, my mom hired this ’professional makeup artist’, and this is how she did my lips...”

“This was the makeup job done by a professional makeup artist. It looked okay in the photos that were airbrushed later, but I felt ugly all day.”

“Here’s my bad makeup that was done for a ball. I kept trying to convince myself it was okay but it wasn’t, and I wound up re-doing it myself.”

“A friend of mine who was on the road to becoming a makeup artist put a bunch of white mascara on me and gave me gnarly contouring and purple lips.”

“This is the wedding makeup I paid $60 for yesterday. Ignore my face, I was obviously not pleased.”

“The hair and makeup I dropped over $100 on for my engagement photos”

There’s no doubt that many of our readers have hired makeup artists themselves. Tell us about your experiences!

Preview photo credit anonnnn444 / Reddit


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