20 People Who Blossomed Into Their Full Glory at Age 30

3 years ago

The transition from childhood to adulthood can be a bumpy road. Many people undergo major changes in the process of growing up, and we all know this, mainly because most of us went through something similar in some way at least. But there are other people whose transformation was more like a metamorphosis from caterpillar to butterfly. Just look at the photographic evidence they shared with the rest of us if you want to understand what we mean.

Bright Side found several examples of people who shared their before and after pics. Apparently, 30 is the age when beauty blossoms like a flower in spring.

1. “13 at a renaissance fair vs 30. No makeup or I’d be cheating. I no longer write in my diary that I’m ugly because of my natural redhead features.”

2. “(21-30) 8 years ago, I met a girl at a college party who would become my girlfriend after reconnecting with her over IG 6 months ago. The picture on the left is the only evidence we have of that night. Right is at a friend’s wedding this past September. Now featuring: better hairstyle choices!”

3. “11 to 30... Braces were good to me.”

4. “Me, early-20s-looking troll man to more normal-looking dude in his 30s”

5. “Age 12 ---> Age 30. I used the pain from being teased to change my life. I wish I could have forehead surgery. 😣😢😂”

6. “Growing up from 20 to 30. Still as big a nerd as ever, just with a bit more confidence!”

7. “16/17 to 29/30”

8. “Really feeling the glow up.”

9. “8 to 30. Thanks for the haircut, mom.”

10. “From awkward 6th-grade fat boy in 2001 to a very happy and liberated 30-year-old, 2020”

11. “13-23-33. Only took me 30 years to glow up.”

12. “Pics from my first passport when I was 18 years old and one of my first modeling shoots in my 30s”

13. “My body and style have changed from 12 to 30, but I still listen to an embarrassing amount of Brand New.”

14. “17 to 28. Some of us don’t hit puberty until we’re almost 30.”

15. “13-30. Middle school was rough...”

16. “When I graduated college I was over 250 lbs at 29 years old. I got into hiking, watching what I ate, and exercising. I am 35 now and have lost 30 lbs, found my style, and got my acne under control. I feel better than when I was in my 20s. You are never too old to improve.”

17. “From 10 to 30, a story about wearing contacts and clothes that actually fit!”

18. “20 —> 30. 10 years makes a lot of difference. I still don’t put much time into hair care, but I finally figured out how to make it work for me.”

19. “From 7 to 30... Took me about 18 years to outrun that haircut.”

20. “13 to 30 I had an ex, at 18, tell me I wasn’t pretty enough to model. I set out to prove him wrong. Now I’m internationally published. Ladies never let someone tell you you can’t, because you can!”

And you, how did you change from adolescence to adulthood?

Preview photo credit PunkyJ88 / Reddit


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