18 People Who Opted for Plastic Surgery to Change Their Look and Improve Their Self-Esteem

11 months ago

Every one of us is unique and beautiful in our own way, regardless of appearance. However, we all have certain physical traits we feel insecure about and would like to change. Being satisfied with our appearance is something important that influences our confidence and self-esteem. That’s why, every day, more and more people dare to undergo different procedures to improve their aesthetics or their health.

At Bright Side, we decided to show you a selection of users who shared the before and after shots of their aesthetic treatments, with tons of self-love and happiness in the results.

1. “The first thing my first surgeon said was, ’We have to do this twice.’ So I’ve had 2 rhinoplasties.”

2. “8 mm sliding genioplasty, braces, buccal fat reduction, submental lipo, 1 ml lip filler, and botox — best money I’ve ever spent!”

3. “Still a long way to go, but what a difference 8 months has made!!! I can feel my whole face straightening out.”

4. “Rhinoplasty before/after, 10 days post-op!”

5. “Before and after a rhinoplasty, chin implant, and buccal fat removal”

6. “I’m close to the 4-year anniversary of my rhinoplasty. One of the best decisions I’ve ever made.”

7. “Before (left) and after (right)! 8 months post-op from rhinoplasty and chin/jaw lipo and 3.5 months post-op from a lip lift!”

8. “This is 2 months post-op (41F) for chin/neck lipo”

“Side profile ’before’ is a couple of days before surgery; front-facing ’before’ was actually 25 lb lighter than now (always had double chin/no neck at any weight). Could not be happier with results!”

9. “Finally finished with Invisalign! A little over a year and a half.”

10. “Chin lipo update: almost 4 months post-op. Best decision ever. I don’t recognize that other person anymore.”

11. “One year after my hair transplant!”

12. “Start taking care of your skin and hair loss TODAY! Take action ASAP before more permanent damage is done.”

“I was telling myself I didn’t care, but I think the difference in my facial expression says it all. I hope I can inspire some of you because it’s so worth it. Not for others, for yourself!”

13. This is the wonderful transformation of a smile in only 4 months.

14. “Before and after genioplasty 8 mm (6 months post-op)”

15. “Fourteenth day post-op — rhinoplasty and chin augmentation”

16. The result of a new smile

17. “Almost 8 months post-op of my septorhinoplasty”

18. “15 trays left on my journey, 45 in total. Y’all kept me motivated, dedicated, and hopeful. Here’s to the final stretch!”

What’s your opinion about cosmetic procedures? Tell us what part of your face you’d like to change.

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#5 in my opinion, looks a little fake. Maybe the surgeon went the tiniest bit too far. I thought he looked fine before.


some People really do have body dismorphia where they really do not see their own bodies objectively.
Some People l can understand getting procedures done but for others the changes they had done were miniscule and l honestly couldn't see what they'd had done.
l know how what l'm going to say will be wrong for some people but how about just some honest reassurance from some true friends.


number 5 looks like it got worse not better, dude looks like a bike seat, if he actually thinks thats an improvement then his next investment needs to be a strong pair of glasses


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