A Woman Won a “Mommy Makeover” at a Korean Beauty Clinic, and People Online Think Her Natural Beauty Enhanced

5 months ago

A woman has taken the internet by storm after she won a series of plastic surgeries. A clip of the lucky winner’s before-and-after quickly hit over 80 million views on YouTube, with many thinking she managed to age backward.

She was the first winner of a “Mommy Makeover.”

The woman, named Yvie, sent in her application to Braun Plastic Surgery, a Korean beauty clinic whose YouTube channel booms with different videos on the topic of plastic surgery. She was picked as part of a new challenge, where doctors wanted to transform someone older.

“Up until now, we’ve performed surgeries mostly on young people who wanted to become prettier,” one of the doctors explained. So the new focus became older women. In fact, they specifically looked for “middle-aged women who gained a lot of weight after childbirth and parenting or whose faces were sagging due to aging.” Yvie’s name came up in a lucky draw.

She wasn’t happy with herself.

“I am a 57-year-old woman and I’m interested in applying to be one of your models,” she said in her application video. “I sent a picture of myself when I was 34 years old. You know, I still feel on the inside like I’m the person in that photo but when I look in the mirror, I get surprised that I look tired and drawn and just like life has done a number on me. So, I’d like to get back some of that freshness.”

Just before being flown to South Korea to meet the medical team and get several plastic surgeries, she admitted what bothered her was how her appearance wasn’t on par with the way she thought of herself. “One of the things I’m excited about with these procedures I’m doing at Braun is that I hope my outside starts to match how I feel on the inside a little bit more,” she spoke candidly. “I don’t feel 57. I feel younger than that and sort of more excited about life, and about doing things in the future. But when I look in the mirror, I look 57.”

“My ears are getting longer, my nose is getting bigger, my wrinkles are getting deeper. It’s startling. It’s hard to age and face those changes in the mirror and kind of be taken by surprise sometimes at the fact that you don’t look like you anymore,” she added.

Most of the procedures were done on her face.

According to the clinic, Yvie got a total of four different plastic surgeries done, both to her face and breasts. They were: a breast lift with ptosis correction, a SMAS facelift plus forehead lift, a lower blepharoplasty, eyelid fat repositioning, and a facial liposuction.

“There’s a bit of sagging in her face as well as in her breasts, so she wanted a breast reduction,” one of the doctors explained. “The sagging breasts are causing her shoulder pain, that was her biggest concern.”

The results left everyone with their jaws dropped.

Although Yvie described the recovery process as difficult, she’s happy with how her looks changed and how her quality of life improved, particularly because of the breast reduction. “The recovery, especially the first two or three days, was challenging for me,” she recalled in a post-surgery video. “But I didn’t come with family or friends, so I had to do everything myself and I think that contributed to being more challenging.”

“I already feel liberated from the chest that I was carrying before, which was always in the way. It was very heavy and my back hurt,” she added. “Thank you so very much.”

People quickly expressed how taken aback they were by the results of the makeover. “Wow! It looks like a mother and daughter picture,” a woman wrote on Facebook. “I saw the transformation video, she is a very beautiful lady to begin with but when the procedures were done and she healed, it was a medical science success performed by the skilled hands of these surgeons. Just gorgeous!!!”

On TikTok, the comments matched the same level of excitement, and we can understand why. One user said, “She became even more beautiful, it highlighted all the best features she already had! What a smile!”

Not everyone gets cosmetic procedures done in order to look younger though. Some people have way different goals in mind. A man spent over $100.000 on plastic surgery to turn himself into Britney Spears. That’s right, he wanted to become his idol’s twin! Check out the results.


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