I Spent Over $100.000 on Plastic Surgery to Turn Myself Into Britney Spears

8 months ago

Bryan Ray, a Britney Spears superfan, has spent thousands of dollars on more than 100 cosmetic procedures in order to resemble the pop star. However, he says he isn’t done yet, as he’s planning to change the color of his eyes despite the risk of going blind. In an interview, he explained how it all started.

He started changing his appearance in his teenage years.

The question about whether parents should allow their teenage children to get plastic surgery has been a source of heated debates online for a long time and the topic was especially popular after it became public that Kylie Jenner had her lips cosmetically enhanced at age 17.

For Bryan Ray, it was clear from the beginning that his parents would support him in whatever decision he made. His own transformation journey began at 17 too, when his mother paid $25,000 for veneers to recreate Britney Spears’ smile. He later received his first nose job as a 21st birthday gift.

In an interview, he opened up about his wish to change appearance, saying he views his transformation as an ongoing work of art. He also made it clear that he’s not aiming for perfection but that he is inspired by Britney’s beauty, which he believes has evolved over time. As such, he aspires to maintain a level of beauty that mirrors that of his idol, even if it’s ever-changing.

It takes a lot of commitment to keep the results.

Bryan, a 35-year-old now, has undergone various other cosmetic procedures, including another nose job, cheek fat injections, eyelid lift, laser hair removal, soft tissue and lip augmentation, and frequent Botox treatments.

To maintain the results, he invests in regular upkeep, including Botox every six weeks, full-body hair removal every 10 weeks, and nearly $500 per month on skincare products. However, his mother doesn’t pay for him anymore, he does it so himself.

He’s aware of his own limitations.

His plastic surgery journey doesn’t come without its fair share of criticism though, and Bryan recognizes that society still stigmatizes those who aim to resemble celebrities through cosmetic procedures. He’s aware that his lifestyle is not for everyone but, despite the potential for people to label him as “weird” or “crazy,” Bryan believes that his openness about his journey will contribute to reducing any stigma associated with plastic surgery transformations. And he aims to keep encouraging body positivity in one’s own way and respect for individual choices.

Besides, Bryan never expected to look exactly like the American singer, as he claims to understand the limitations of his own physical features. Instead, his goal has always been to collaborate with plastic surgeons to alter specific characteristics, inspired by Britney’s look.

He has met his idol on multiple occasions.

Bryan has had the unique privilege of meeting the pop star in person 3 times so far. His favorite encounter was their first meeting in Maui while he was on a family vacation. He recalled being nervous as he unexpectedly came across Spears in an outdoor flea market. He managed to have a small chat with her, during which he thanked her for being an inspiration and even revealed that he had his teeth done to resemble her smile, to which Britney responded with a compliment he treasures as a “tremendous compliment of a lifetime.”

Despite her fame, Bryan found Britney kind and down-to-earth, leaving an enduring positive impression on him.

Britney Spears wrote a memoir, The Woman in Me, in which she revealed never-before-heard stories about her life in the spotlight. Among the revelations is the devastating reason why she shaved her head in 2007.


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It is ok to have plastic surgery but making yourself look like someone else, PURPOSELY, nah bro that’s identity theft.


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