My Girlfriend Went to a Club and Blocked Me When I Desperately Cried for Her Help

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In a city apartment, a young couple's relationship faces a sudden test. While the girlfriend enjoys a night out, her boyfriend is struck by agonizing pain. Desperate for help, he calls her, but she ignores him. Read why it happened in our article.

I'm a 22-year-old guy, and my girlfriend and I have been together for five years since high school. I always saw her as my future wife. Last weekend, she went out with her friends to a club for her best friend's birthday, while I stayed home. Suddenly, I felt excruciating pain in my right testicle, which turned out to be a torsion.

I tried calling her for help, but she ignored my calls and texts. I then texted her that something was wrong, and she could come home immediately. The club she went to is like a 5-minute walk from our apartment. She thought I was joking, that I was trying to ruin their night. She just replied with a "What is it?".

I again tried to call her, but as expected, she just declined again. I then texted her that I need to go to the hospital now. She texted me that this wasn't the time to play games, and she then told me that if I texted or called her again, she would block my number. I again tried calling her, but she declined again, and when I tried calling her a second time, I realized she actually blocked me.

It wasn't until she came home, smelled vomit, and realized I wasn't there that she understood the severity. I ended up in the hospital, and she stayed with me afterwards, apologizing profusely.

Despite her apologies and care afterwards, I'm deeply hurt by her initial reaction. Ignoring my desperate calls and messages while I was in severe pain felt like a betrayal. It's not just about the pain; it's about feeling abandoned when I needed her the most.

I've been contemplating breaking up with her, but at the same time, I understand she genuinely thought I was joking. But I never had an issue with her going out in the first place, or have ever pulled pranks on her to come home from a night out. I'm torn between my anger and my feelings for her. I'm not sure how to proceed or if I can trust her again after this incident.

Most people on the Internet agreed that the author's reaction is understandable and right:

  • Even if she thought you were joking, you deserved a phone call. Your partner should be worried about you vs “Why are you ruining my night?”
    She could have called to confirm something was or was not wrong when you said hospital. I would really consider it if you went to continue this relationship. She prioritized partying over a phone call, heard the hospital and still blocked you, and was planning on yelling about the vomiting. Sad_Wind8580 / Reddit
  • And especially after things like "Come home, something's wrong" and "I need you to take me to the hospital." The author says he has no history of pranking or nagging her for going out. That makes it even worse IMO. If my husband calls me several times in a short period of time, I would go outside to call him and ask what's wrong, not block him because his calls are annoying. EatThis*** / Reddit
  • She CHOSE to believe the worst of you (“he just wants to ruin my night”) while you had a dire medical emergency. She blocked you while you were begging for her help in a moment of total vulnerability. How can you trust that she won’t be so SUPREMELY selfish the next time?
    She broke a fundamental relationship rule because she didn’t trust you either. With the exception of her friends, who would likely take her side in anything, no one will blame you if you dump her. Humble_Nobody2884 / Reddit
  • If you were in her shoes, having fun with your friends, you would still go check on her. Why? Because you love her and want to make sure she’s okay.
    Imagine yourself BLOCKING your girlfriend when she says she needs help just to have fun for one night. I hope it helps you realize that no one that actually loves you deals with this situation the way she did. She showed no concern, no empathy and no effort. nolife247_ / Reddit
  • I’ve been in a similar situation to yours. I was able to get checked out before it got worse, and I’m with you, dude. Your problem is no joke, and anyone who tells you “Oh, man up” or “Get over it, you should’ve called a taxi” needs to kick rocks. It’s a nightmare of pain, you can’t think and act. You can’t even walk due to all the abdominal pain you also feel. ivh016 / Reddit
  • Have you ever given her reason to doubt your truthfulness in similar situations? If you're not the type to be controlling over a girls night out, and you've never claimed a medical emergency to manipulate her, she is totally in the wrong and her behavior could be indicative of deeper issues.
    You need to have a serious conversation with her about what's happened. Consider how she's treated you in the past when you've been ill, and her overall behavior. A good person can make a bad mistake! If she is truly sorry and will learn from this, you may want to forgive her. If she blames you or minimizes her part in it, move on. MmeGenevieve / Reddit

Another woman from a different story decided to fake an emergency situation to test her boyfriend, and it ruined their relationship too.


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