9 Simple Things That Most People Just Can’t Do

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All people are special and unique in their own ways. In fact, some people have abilities that could amaze you. These include things that you may have never thought about or figured were even possible. Some people can’t do things as simple as wiggle their ears or raise one eyebrow, for example. But believe it or not, there are a select few that can.

Bright Side has found some surprising bodily functions that most people just can’t do. Keep in mind, we said “most” for a reason.

1. Isolating your ring finger

Most people tend to slightly bend their ring finger when they move their middle finger or their pinky (also known as the baby finger). That said, there are people who are able to isolate their ring finger which is believed to be hereditary.

2. Touching your chin or nose with your tongue

Most people’s tongues don’t reach that far out, but some people can actually touch their nose or chin with the tip of their tongue in what is known as the Gorlin sign. Just nearly 10% percent of the world’s population can perform this motion.

3. Moving limbs in the opposite direction

Here’s an experiment. Pick up your right foot off the ground and move it in a clockwise direction. Now, try to write the number “6.” You don’t need paper or pencils, just write the number in the air with your toe.

Most people will notice that, without even thinking, they’ve started moving their foot in the opposite direction, partially because the number features a counter-clockwise circle. Some people are exceptions to this rule, either because of the way their brain is wired or because of training.

4. Twitching your nose

If you’ve ever wanted to wiggle your nose like Samantha Stephens, you may have been less than successful. Even Elizabeth Montgomery of the classic show, Bewitched, just moved her lip to give the illusion of twitching her nose. In fact, the only time Samantha really wiggled her nose was in the animated opening. However, there are people who are able to twitch their noses without being a witch. You can even train yourself to twitch your nose, starting with twitching the nostrils.

5. Gleeking

When your tongue moves forward, some people accidentally shoot spit out of their mouth. This is called “gleeking” and it’s an advanced form of spitting. This could be caused by strong salivary ducts or even certain foods like lemons. Gleeking has been around for years — there are even multiple Shakespeare plays that feature the word.

6. Sneezing with your eyes open

Cranial nerves link the nose and the eyes. Because of this, when you sneeze, you automatically close your eyes — well, at least most people do. However, it is possible to sneeze with your eyes open and despite the old adage, it won’t cause your eyes to pop out.

7. Folding your tongue in half

Folding your tongue in half is rather common but not every person on Earth can do it. Some people are capable of doing even stranger tricks. This can include folding your tongue in thirds.

8. Tickling yourself

For most people, it’s nearly impossible to tickle themselves. This is because tickling is all about the art of surprise; your brain picks up on the sensations that cause feelings of tickling and controls it before it affects you. Still, it’s not impossible; people with schizophrenic-like traits are able to tickle themselves due to their brains not realizing that the sensations are voluntary.

9. Bending your thumb backward

Some people have a double jointed thumb, also known as a “Hitchhiker’s Thumb,” which allows them to bend it backward. It isn’t painful for these people to move their thumb back and there’s no risk in hurting the thumb’s functions. The condition is caused by distal joints within the thumb. In some cases, both of a person’s thumbs can be double-jointed; in other cases, only one thumb can be moved backward.

Do you know about any other unusual abilities? Do you have any unusual abilities yourself? Let us know about it!

Please note: This article was updated in July 2022 to correct source material and factual inaccuracies.


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