12 Mysterious Items That Sparked Curiosity Regarding Their Use

8 months ago

Occasionally, we encounter objects without a clear understanding of their use. In the past, our options were limited to seeking advice from knowledgeable people, or simply accepting that some mysteries might remain unsolved. Today, the internet serves as a valuable tool to help us unravel these enigmas. In this list, we’ve compiled 12 astounding discoveries, each paired with explanations that are equally mind-boggling.

1. ’’Found this in my wife’s underwear drawer. Is it what I think it is?’’

Answer: It’s a drink chilling wand.

2. ’’What’s this green plastic scissor handle with metal loops and plastic teeth. No identifying marks.’’

Answer: It’s a herb stripper. Sprigs go in the loops; teeth are closed, and stalks are pulled out.

3. ’’What’s this plastic handle? It has a metal triangle thing on top that looks like it might be used to put grooves in something.’’

Answer: Linoleum cutter. We used them in school, you carve linoleum which is like rubber/silicone and then make oil prints.

4. ’’Anyone knows what this oval glass dish was used for? It has a raised circle in the top left.’’

Answer: It’s a snack plate. Circle is for a cup to rest in.

5. ’’Found this plastic open/close case with a rubbery triangle. It says ’Safety Shield’ on it.’’

Answer: It’s a pill splitter.

6. ’’What is this half-circle inside the drawer of a credenza?’’

Answer: It’s used to hold any small item the drawer user chooses.

7. ’’What in the world is the square end of this old potato peeler for? Even Grandma didn’t know.’’

Answer: It’s for frenching green beans.

8. ’’What’s this molded plastic thing? It’s been in our bathroom for a long time.’’

Answer: It tightens the bolt on the underside of the toilet seat.

9. ’’What’s this ceramic object with dull ceramic teeth that fit perfectly in the palm of your hand?’’

Nope! It's a thig they use to put shampoo on for the ones who don't really use they're hands!


Answer: It’s a paste maker for small veg items like garlic or ginger. You put this on top of what you want to make into a paste and move it around with pressure. In no time you’ll have garlic or ginger paste.

10. ’’Found this in my grandfather hidden chest of stuff.’’

Answer: Looks like drawer pulls to me.

11. ’’A housewarming gift. It’s half wood, half marble. What is it?’’

Answer: It’s a salt & pepper “pinch pot”.

12. ’’Found this in my wife’s things. Please tell me it’s not what I think it is!’’

Answer: Did you touch it? It’s a chewing toy for babies.

If you’re keen to explore further into the world of puzzling items, this article might be exactly what you’re seeking.

Preview photo credit Saywhatwhonow / Reddit


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