20 Pics That Could Be Placed Next to “Bad Day” in the Dictionary

3 years ago

Your dog chewing your passport just before a trip, going to work with mismatched shoes and only realizing hours later, or paying a ton for an awful haircut — sometimes luck just isn’t on our side at all. But the good news is that these horrible moments usually pass quickly and become stories that we can laugh about later.

Bright Side found some people who just weren’t having a good day, and we can all relate to them more than we’d like to admit.

1. “I found this chair in the trash. If I did that to my mother’s chair, she’d be throwing me in the trash.”

2. “The cake I ordered said ’I Love You,’ but some of the letters fell off.”

3. “I bought a book and they put a sticker here. Can’t peel it without tearing the page.”

4. “I think I need to find a new barber.”

5. “Just got my new TV delivered, unboxed it, hung it up, turned it on, and this is what it looks like.”

6. “My dog ate my passport.”

7. “Guess who just learned how to open cans with a spoon after realizing they don’t own a can opener?”

8. “My orange was just skin inside.”

9. “Forgot my headphones on the ground while the Roomba was running.”

10. “My pepper grinder broke this morning.”

11. "I thought I’d make some pasta. Guess I’d better rethink that.

12. “I finished a puzzle.”

13. “I was at work all day like this.”

14. “Somehow chucked a dirty diaper in the washing machine this morning.”

15. “Left my keyboard in the car.”

16. “Ordered some shorts and all of them came with the security tags.”

17. “Spilled bleach on my new black pants.”

18. “This is my car.”

19. “My neighbor’s installing shelves.”

20. “I think I left a window open last night, not sure.”

What’s the most unlucky thing that has ever happened to you?

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I'd go absoultely crazy if I had book with a sticker on its page. I'm sorry but I can't tolerate anything like this when it comes to my Books.
I'm just at height of being a Bookworm🙄😂🤓


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