20+ People Who Wanted to Up Their Pretty Game and Were Far From Disappointed

2 years ago

Almost all of us want to change something about our appearance. Some accept themselves without any criticism at all while others decide to use braces, lose weight, or even get a nose job to achieve the perfect appearance they want.

At Bright Side, we believe that everyone has a right to choose what they want to change. The impressive results of the people featured in this article prove that changes are sometimes a leap we ought to take.

“I tattooed some new brows on a client with alopecia!”

“11 months of acne progress! I never thought my skin would ever be this clear.”

“I lost 168 pounds.”

“Before and after chin and jaw liposuction — I’m so happy!”

“I had my braces taken off after 10 and a half months.”

“Minus 70 pounds — my face went from a circular spoon to a sharp knife!”

“18 days after my rhinoplasty”

“Before and after anorexia recovery”

“I lost 42 pounds and am happy about the way my face changed.”

“After years of having broken teeth, I finally got partials and can smile again.”

“I decided to amp up my anti-aging routine about a month ago, and I’m really pleased with the results.”

“I lost 28 pounds. I have a neck!”

“I finally learned how much of a difference a haircut and some facial hair can make.”

“I’m feeling so confident in my bare face for the first time ever!”

“I still have 45 pounds left to lose, but I’m happy that I can finally wear pencil skirts with confidence, and I’m not ashamed to look in the mirror anymore.”

“I went from brassy blonde to ashy blonde.”

“I buzzed it the same year the pixie cut was rearing its chic, textured head. I can’t believe I strutted around my high school looking like that.”

“My first time ever dying my hair! It was a process getting my extremely dark Asian hair to go blonde, but we did it!”

“I feel a lot more like myself after a trip to the hairdresser today!”

“After 1 year and 11 months, my braces are finally off.”

“I said goodbye to my long nose 5 months ago.”

What would you change about your appearance? Or maybe you already have. Share your photos in the comments below.

Preview photo credit knify-spoony / Reddit


I have a feeling I'm the only one who has acne but actually doesn't care. I love my face as it is
it's definitely motivating to look at people loosing weight, but it inspires me even more when I see girls beating anorexia 🥰
Re the rhinoplasty on the 7th photo, I prefer her before picture. She had a distinctive nose and ended up with a run of the mill "normal" one. However it's good that she's happy with it. I come from an Italian family where hooked noses are the norm, and I actually like them!
Till few years ago I had huge acne problem. I had tried everything, creams, pills... A dermatologist in Prague really saved me. Also, change of diet and lots of water ;)

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