15 Mystery Finds That Got People Sweating

9 months ago

Understanding everything isn’t always simple. Sometimes, we find things we don’t get. But the internet has helpful and smart people who can quickly explain mysteries. And here are 15 surprising discoveries with fascinating secrets to uncover.

1. ’’We got this as a wedding gift many years ago. But the gift giver refuses to tell us what it is!’’

Answer: Careful! It serves as a device to let you slice cheese without handling the block. It’s a cheese holder.

2. ’’What’s this plastic dolphin with slits?’’

Answer: I believe it’s a dive toy, like those dive sticks which you throw in the pool and dive down to get them.

3. ’’It’s half wood, half marble, two semi-circle dips and a mini spoon. What is it?’’

Answer: It’s a salt & pepper “pinch pot”.

4. ’’I bought a big pack of groceries from a local supermarket; they threw in this item for free.’’

Answer: It’s an orange peeler.

5. ’’What is this thing I found in my grandfather’s closet?’’

Answer: It’s to pick up sugar cubes.

6. ’’What’s this? It has a hole just big enough for a fingertip, and two nubs looking like it clips to something.’’

Answer: It’s a keyboard key remover. It’s to help install custom keys but if it didn’t come with any custom keys, they probably gave it to you to help you remove all the keys to make cleaning easier.

7. ’’What’s this electric tool? When plugged in and turned on it vibrates very intensely.’’

Answer: It’s a Swedish massager. The hand goes through the springs, and it vibrates the hand as you massage someone.

8. ’’It’s 3 inches long, appears to be nylon body with red rubbery glued-in ends. It’s light, hollow, makes no noise when shaken.’’

Answer: It’s a kururin, a Japanese fidget toy.

9. ’’Two plastic hook shaped tools with double forks on the end. What are these and what are they used for?’’

Answer: It’s a tick removal tool. It’s called a “tick twister”.

10. ’’It’s a kitchen utensil with a wooden handle, attached to a round metal cup with 3 spikes. What is it used for?’’

Answer: It looks like some sort of way to dispense batter into hot oil.

11. ’’It’s a plastic unit, made of two parts: blue and clear. What is it for?’’

Answer: It’s a toilet bowl cleaner.

12. ’’This was found in an old woman’s jewelry box. It’s open at each end and hollow inside.’’.

Answer: It’s a tube to hold a scarf around your neck without having to knot it. You put the corners of the scarf through it from the opposite ends and pull it up to your neck with the “jewel” next to your neck. It is sometimes referred to as a “scarf ring” or “scarf slide” or “slider pendant”.

13. ’’What is this set of six elephants that are hollowed?’’

Answer: Looks like a fancy napkin holder.

14. ’’What’s the purpose of this? It looks like gold.’’

Answer: Oh wow! It’s part of this lamp. The metal goes around the glass.

15. ’’This metal piece is attached to the wall in a WC in my Airbnb.’’

Answer: It’s a magazine rack installed upside down.

If you’re interested in delving deeper into the world of intriguing discoveries, then this article is for you!


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