10+ Clothing Tricks That Help Celebrities Correct Their Body Shapes

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2 years ago

Celebrities, just like us, have small imperfections. However, instead of feeling shy about them, many stars figured out how to disguise them masterfully with the help of correctly chosen outfits.

We at Bright Side took note of several useful recommendations and invite you to look at the examples of famous women for how one can hide imperfections with the help of clothes to outline the advantages of certain body shapes.

Keira Knightley — an abundance of ruffles

In order to make her breasts look larger, Keira Knightley often opts for dresses with elaborate drapery when she goes outside. Dresses with an abundance of ruffles, flounces, and folds add volume and are an excellent solution for those with modest breasts.

Kate Middleton — a waist skirt and a V-shaped neckline

Broad shoulders, narrow hips and a tapered waistline — Kate Middleton has all the characteristic features of the “inverted triangle” body shape. Clothes with skirts at the waistline and V-shaped necklines help the Duchess of Cambridge balance the proportions. The waistline skirt gives the hips the necessary volume.

While the V-shaped neckline visually elongates the neck, it helps the shoulders seem more elegant.

Alicia Vikander — a high waistline

Alicia Vikander, who has quite a long body, learned to correct this specific detail with the help of specifically chosen clothing. The high-waisted dress (right) visually elongated the legs and balanced the proportions of the body.

Blake Lively — a corset cut and an extra skirt

Blake Lively has amazing legs but quite a wide waist. At the beginning of her career, Ryan Reynolds’ wife would mistakenly choose dresses with straight free cuts, enhancing this small detail. Over time, she started to give preference to tight outfits with a corset cut and an extra skirt. Such dress models imitate the “hourglass” body shape, effectively outlining the waistline and giving the hips the necessary volume thanks to the correct draping.

Katie Holmes — a focus on the waist and dark tights

Katie Holmes is one of Hollywood’s most stylish stars. Even her non-ideal legs don’t stop the actress from presenting her body shape effectively. As we can see, just a little accent on the waist and black tights can do wonders.

Emilia Clarke — a correctly chosen bodice and nude colors

Even though she’s just 5’2″, Emilia Clarke manages to look taller with the help of correctly chosen clothes. A dress with a low waistline (left) played a cruel joke on the actress, stealing a few inches off her height. At the same time, the garment in the photo on the right lengthened the silhouette thanks to the correct bodice height and nude color.

Angelina Jolie — a waistline skirt and draping on the hips

Angelina Jolie balances her wide shoulders and narrow hips with the help of outfits with a pronounced waistline and drapery at the hips — it can be a waistline skirt or a curved detail on the hips.

Irina Shayk — a tight-fitting silhouette

Irina Shayk can’t wear round shapes, but we never notice it thanks to correctly chosen outfits. The vertical curved line on the dress on the right, coupled with the deep neckline, effectively emphasized the curves on the model’s body.

Reese Witherspoon — belts

Reese Witherspoon’s body type is “apple,” which is why the actress often uses belts in her looks. The focus on the waist removes attention from the belly and helps to create an illusion of the “hourglass” body type.

Charlene Wittstock — a voluminous skirt and halter collar

Former professional swimmer and now Princess of Monaco, Charlene, has muscular shoulders and narrow hips. Clothes with the correct cuts help her to display her body shape effectively. This is done with fluffy skirts and halter collars.

Chloë Grace Moretz — a V-shaped neckline and straight cut pants

Chloë Grace Moretz has narrow hips, wide shoulders, and a shorter neck. But these specifics don’t stop the actress from looking dashing on the red carpet. In the example above, it’s a V-shaped neckline that helped her outline this body part, while the elongated flared blazer and free-cut pants balanced the volume of her shoulders and hips.

What type of body do you have? Do you take into account such recommendations when choosing outfits?

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the only problem is - all these celebs have perfect body shapes. All they need to wear is right fitting clothes with high waistlines and open their shoulders


agree here! I have a belly so I would want to know how to correct it with clothes


please, provide more tips for not standard body shapes and people with extra weight :))


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