10+ Baby Name Stories That Seriously Stirred Family Conflicts

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5 months ago

Picking a baby name is a fun part of becoming a parent. Some people have names ready before the bun’s even in the oven, while others wait to see the baby’s face. It’s a personal thing for parents, but it can get tricky if friends or family don’t like the name you’ve been mulling over. Here, we’ve got the lowdown on baby names that stirred up some family drama, showing how personal choices can sometimes clash with outside opinions in the whole baby-naming adventure.

  • My entire pregnancy, I was told I was having a boy. My fiancé and I were so excited, and he chose the name Warren for him, saying he always pictured himself having a son named Warren. I love to sew and knit and made so much clothes with the name stitched in. I have pictures of him holding the onesies up and smiling with so many of them, since we were planning to make a scrapbook. Sadly at 23 weeks my fiancé passed away. It was horrible.
    I ended up also not delivering until 41 weeks, having the most excruciating and traumatizing pregnancy and labor. At labor is when I found out she was a girl. It was so shocking. I had a home birth like we had planned to do. Changing anything we planned feels wrong.
    I’ve been calling her Warren or Ren for three weeks now, and my sister who has supported me this whole time is giving me dirty looks. She’s my only family and the only support I have. I’m getting her birth certificate done next weekend, and my sister came over last night. I assumed to help, but instead she’s pleading that I don’t go through with the name and to use “Wren” if anything, and I’m setting my daughter up for failure. Worldly-Vegetable937 / Reddit
  • My coworker named her baby “Strawberry Rain”. Which would be a great baby name, if she had given birth to a bottle of shampoo. captainmagictrousers / Reddit
  • Met a girl named Jennifert in college...Jennifer with a T. Why? Because her parents wanted her to be different. Ni****Buddy / Reddit
  • Taqueria, and for those who don’t speak Spanish, a “Taqueria” is a place that sells tacos. marcusmf / Reddit
  • A guy I was friends with in high school actually gave his kid the middle name “Danger”. I can’t remember the first name, but I guess it worked because I will always remember that Danger is his middle name. flaming-moes-on-fire / Reddit
  • My mother works at an elementary school and has met at least three different girls called Iamunique pronounced like the sentence “I am unique”. The irony just adds to the pain. miss_kneedles / Reddit
  • I have always wanted to call my baby Hope, after my great grandma, who passed when I was younger. Well as it turns out, my boyfriend has a younger sister called Hope, she’s 26 and doesn’t really have the best relationship with her brother. I told my boyfriend I planned on using the name for our daughter, way before we even found out I was pregnant, he agreed and was fine with it. However, when we found out we were expecting a baby girl, he said we should at least tell his sister that’s the name we have chosen.
    His sister was not happy about it and said she didn’t like the idea of her niece sharing the same name as her and asked us please not to use it. I explained I wasn’t really asking permission, I was more informing her of our choice. Anyway, 2 weeks ago when my daughter was born, his sister called me and first said congratulations, but she didn’t understand why we used that name when she specifically asked us not to and said this will only impact her relationship with her brother even more. AITASILName / Reddit
  • I changed it as soon as I turned 18, but my loving and otherwise quite sensible parents called me Rosie (that in itself is a fine name, nothing wrong there, unless you know my dad’s surname) yep, they named me Rosie Butt. turingthecat / Reddit
  • I used to date a primary school teacher. She had a child in her class called Shaybonće (not 100% on that spelling). What she told me is that her parents couldn’t decide whether to call their daughter Shakira or Beyoncé so they called her both. Prototype-Angel / Reddit
  • In elementary school, there was a boy named Famous. His younger sister was Fashion.
    sourdoughbreadlover / Reddit
  • I’m in healthcare and the worst name I’ve seen on a kid is Meatball. peppermintblues / Reddit

Not everyone agrees on names, like this woman who didn’t like her friend’s baby name and caused a fuss.


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I feel sorry for the Wren/Warren one. She should go with Warren as a middle name and give the kid a feminine first name that the daughter can use if she decides Warren is a no-go.


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