15 People Who Embrace Their Uniqueness in a Brilliant Way

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We are all unique, but some people stand out in their own right, as their genetics have given them distinct physical characteristics. People are increasingly embracing their uniqueness, from painting their vitiligo to celebrating their scars and birthmarks. All of this shows one thing: we all have something distinctive about our appearance that we should be proud of.

1. “I’m Carmen and I paint my vitiligo — this is the ‘glitch’ effect.”

2. “I was born without a hinge on one thumb. Consequently, my dominant right hand is quite a bit smaller.”

3. “My daughter’s birthmark is an upvote.”

4. “Patchy and proud! Had this for ages. My left eyebrow/eyelashes got some love too.”

5. “I have a scar smiley on my leg.”

6. “This is my first tattoo. I’m deaf in my left ear and I’ve never been more excited!”

7. “I have a skin condition that makes it so my skin is a human Etch A Sketch.”

8. “I used to be insecure, but now I love my badger hair.”

9. “My little one was born with 2-toned hair!”

10. “My thumb looks like a toe and is exactly 1 inch wide.”

11. “My friend’s double nail”

12. “The eczema mark on my hand looks like a landmass, so I turned it into a map.”

13. “I was tempted to Photoshop the acne away, but I realized acne is a normal thing. No need to be ashamed of your skin.”

14. “My son inherited my joined together toes.”

15. “Hated these freckles all my life. I finally figured out that it’s one of the key physical features that makes me, me.”

Do you have any distinctive features that you’ve learned to appreciate?

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